Questetra: Free One-a-Day Workflow Samples

Supporting BPM Activities with Workflow Examples and Usage Scenarios

Kyoto, Japan — November 4, 2010 — Corporate Software Developer Questetra, Inc., officially announces the launch of its new website that offers one free sample workflow every day.

Recent years have seen a lot of attention put on the ability to continuously improve business processes by logging every aspect of company workflows?
Who, What, When and How. This management discipline is termed Business Process Management (BPM) and today there are many software products that support BPM activities. Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition is a BPM information system that runs on the cloud, and has been used by over 500 companies in 60 countries (including the free edition). The Download Edition has been downloaded by over 10,000 companies in 170 countries.


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The new website was launched in response to real customer concerns, such as requests for specific methods on designing workflows and sample workflow diagrams. The website fully utilizes Questetra’s extensive expertise on the subject, based on the consulting and support it has offered for its clients. Each day a new sample workflow is posted, including model definition, usages and an example of how to further improve it. Users can also receive samples by email or Twitter ( In addition, a Questetra BPM Suite User Group community was set up to support information exchange between users. (Japanese )

Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition

Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition is a global cloud application hailing from Japan designed to promote transparency of company processes and performance. Managers can create and edit workflows easily by drag-and-drop, and instantly update the necessary improvements to the system. This makes it possible to pull BPM out of dead-end discussions and let real, on-site demands drive change. The software can handle complex processing such as sequential workflows, parallel processing, looped workflows and integration between multiple processes. It enables interoperability with Google Apps and supports development of peripheral software with APIs. Selected in Gartner’s Cool Vendor List, Asia’s Top 50 Apps, etc. (Free up to 5 users)


Questetra, Inc. is a software development company established in April 2008, located in Kyoto, Japan. Questetra’s mission is to optimize human tasks and contribute to businesses around the world.

Contact Info

  • Hirotaka Nishi / Akiko Hattori, Customer Service
  • +81-75-205-5007