Questetra: Cloud Workflow 10.1 Opens New Servers in Germany

Improve Network Latency for Faster Service in Europe

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Improve Network Latency for Faster Service in Europe

Kyoto, Japan – February 9, 2015 – Questetra, Inc., the global SaaS provider of Business Process Management (BPM), today announced that they have published the new version 10.1 of the cloud-based Workflow product “Questetra BPM Suite” on February 9, 2015. At the same time, they have activated new servers in European region.

In this new version, Status Monitoring feature has been enhanced, so that who had worked on which Step is shown on the Process Diagram. For example, the executives and the internal audit team will be able to understand the status of order fulfillment or billing easier.

Status Monitoring
Status Monitoring

For the needs of enforcement of information management or speeding up of business, Workflow products is becoming actively used for passing business data. Workflow products of today are capable of realizing not only “Computerization from analog”, e.g. paperless (digitization) or visualization of issue progress, but also “Automation and labor-saving of business processes”, e.g. automatic calculation of consumption tax or automatic generation of invoice PDF. “Questetra BPM Suite” is a Cloud-based Workflow product which you can start running wherever connectable to the Internet. It will widely support your business, not only day-to-day work of desk worker, also telecommuting and teleworking, or even the management of outsourced work.

It has a remarkable feature that you can modify the configurations with simple Drag & Drop configuration. It requires no Programming skills even for designing complicated operations such as ‘Email Auto-transmission’ or ‘Process to Process connection’. Therefore, you can continuously improve a variety of workflows by worker-driven, e.g. Decision-making, Translating, or Complaint handling. In addition, if you have the knowledge of Programming or Scripting, you will be able to expand the frameworks such as advanced data calculation, Invocation of external services, and API access from external apps.

As a feature for monitoring the status of progress, the current Step (individual progress) of each Issue and the number of retention (Heat map) in the entire Issues can be shown on a Process Diagram. From the new version 10.1, icons of the personnel who have handled each Step will be appeared when checking the Individual progress. Although the operator of each Step could be confirmed only in the logs previously, the relation between a step and its operator becomes easier to be recognized visually now.

Today, Questetra BPM Suite has been utilized by enterprises and organizations in all over the world for day-to-day work, recording of them and visualization of their progress. In the past, we have been providing a cloud computing service (SaaS cloud) using servers in Japan/US and the Content Delivery Network (CDN). Now, we have opened the new servers in Germany, so we believe that we can provide our service more stable and faster in the European region.

There are various improvements other than Status Monitoring in v10.1.

We have enhanced the Filtering Chart feature, which is to aggregate Issue data through Business Processes graphically, so that access permission can be set on the aggregation charts, such as ‘Monthly transition of invoice total amount’ or ‘Monthly transition of the number of inquiries’. Also, the graph can be shared with Users without Data Viewer Authorization.

You are now able to set the minimum and the maximum values on the number of the files to be attached when you do configuration of File type data item to the data format of Issue, such as ‘Blueprint’ or ‘Project plan’.

*Please see our Release note for the detail of New Features :

Our target is Improvement on Business Process itself to meet the changes of business environment, on monitoring the visualized operational progress. Modeling of Business flow and designing Data items is not an easy thing to do. We will enhance the features to understand the operational progress and processing performance easier, to support worker-driven business improvement.

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