Free BPM Software, Release of a New Version on April 7

Usability has been improved in conformity with the international standards BPMN 1.2

Questetra releases a new version of their BPM software “Questetra BPM Suite” on April 7.

BPM (Business Process Management) is a management concept attracting attention as an activity to keep on managing definitions of Business Processes in companies. Defining Business Processes has been performed until now, particularly drawing diagrams as models. “Questetra BPM Suite” enables you to draw and define diagrams by using only a Web browser. Moreover, a defined Business Process can be executed right away as an inside business system. Changed on the concept of PDCA, the Business Process is managed to support an ideal BPM cycle (Modeling, Operating, and Monitoring).

This “Version April 2009” allows you to start Processes by means of an external system. Also, usability has been improved in conformity with the international standards BPMN 1.2; communication functions reinforced, and easiness of installation enhanced.

Downloads Data “Ver. January 2009”

  • Jan. 448, Feb. 274, Mar. 1519 – amout 2241 (as of Mar. 25th)
  • Jan. 588, Feb. 542, Mar. 606, 158 countries, 7104 people (Visitor to Product Website)
  • Jan. 2009, Feb. 2436, Mar. 3215, 106 countries, 7473 people (Visitor to Q-BPM)

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Case Study

  • As a system for response to inquiries
  • As a system for progress management of translation
  • As a system for draft making of press releases
  • As a management system for tests before delivery in a commissioned company