Kyoto University Began Its Business Process Improvement Activity

Questetra hopes to contribute to BPM activity by Kyoto University

Questetra provided Kyoto University with a BPM System based on “Questetra BPM Suite.”

Kyoto University offers more than 20 kinds of information services. Each service has a different support center and contact route. Sometimes, users cannot solve problems smoothly while each support center often has to tell users to contact another center when they are not in charge of the inquiries.

BPM System for Kyoto University was established with a focus on “integration of support centers” and “organization of improvement environment for inquiry workflow. This system will be used for process improvement by making the Integrated Authentication Center work as a general support center. In response to the result of process consulting by NTT ComTechnology Corporation, this system is firstly utilized for inquiry response workflow for “users of educational systems.” Workflows for inquiries to various departments’ inquiries will also be successively in the near future.

Questetra hopes to contribute not only to the inquiry response workflow but also to BPM activity by Kyoto University.

Illustration of BPM System For Kyoto U

Questetra BPM Suite?

What is Questetra BPM Suite is groupware that supports human-centric business processes requiring judgments and approvals by humans. Process owners can design and draw business flow diagrams (in BPMN), process workers can carry out tasks according to the designed business flow diagrams without programming skills.

This software is available for free without limitations of the number of users, business flow diagrams, or period. Ten processes are concurrently executable. To run more processes, you may purchase and Extension Key from the Questetra’s website.