Free BPM Software, 3rd Generation has been Released

Version August 2009, improved viewer for the Task

Questetra today Aug/1/2009 announced version August 2009 software for Questetra BPM Suite.

The new release has improved viewer for the Task. A lot of functions has been upgraded which are based on Customer feedback from worldwide.

“Questetra BPM Suite” is Free BPM Software. 6,010 Copies had been downloaded during Jan/20/2009 – July/27/2009. You can configure the all your wants via Web browser only. You can track all your business processes as you define the business processes. Your business Process will be appeared for everybody. Please try “Business process visibility” from Questetra BPM Suite.

Use Case

  • Sharing Process of Sales Report
  • Previewing Process of Corporate Proposal
  • Information System Support Flow
  • Responding Process to Inquiry
  • Translation Process for home-based workers
  • Corporate News Releasing Process
  • Update Process of Website
  • Generalized Application Process
  • Daily Reporting Process
  • Sharing Agenda and Minute Process

Website for download

Example of Operation Screen

Example of Operation Screen

Questetra, Inc.

Questetra, Inc. is the free BPM Software provider in Kyoto, Japan. Questetra offers a new Business Process Management Solutions which are developing the BPMS Software and consulting services.