Human-Centric BPM SaaS, Google Gadget installed

"My Tasks" via Google Gadget - iGoogle, Google Sites, Gmail

Google Gadget functions will be installed to the Human-Centric “Questetra BPM Suite” on December 1st.

Up to now, it was necessary to check notification emails or to login to the application in order to view your allocated tasks. Once October2009 version 4.2.0 (expected released on December 1st) is released, you will be able to check your tasks using the Google Gadget.

Google Gadgets are small applications easily embedded to several interfaces, such as iGoogle, Google Sites, Gmail, and orkut SNS. Questetra’s product pioneers the use of Google Gadget in SaaS type business applications. We, Questetra Inc., will continue to devote to help optimizing businesses in companies promoting cloud computing.


What is Questetra BPM Suite?

Questetra BPM Suite is a software application to manage intra- and inter-corporate business processes. For example, a custom software development company will be able to realize standardization of processes by defining business processes for generating each deliverable. Programmers and testers will simply handle the flowing processes (My Tasks), and this will lead to greatly reduce the cost for on the job training.

  • Proposal to customers:: Inquiry – Record of proceedings – Proposal [looped]
  • Estimation & receiving order:: Specifications – Estimate sheet – Agreement/Attached specifications – Order sheet
  • Determination of detailed specifications:: Specifications – Internal inspection
  • Delivery for inspection:: Construction of inspection environment – Test specifications – Internal inspection – Reception of inspection sheet
  • Response to problems & requests:: Issuance of request slip – Replication – Report of response – Internal inspection