Questetra: Cloud Workflow v11 Becomes Friends with Outside APIs

Exchanges JSON with Cloud Services via OAuth2 or Custom-Headers


Exchanges JSON with Cloud Services via OAuth2 or Custom-Headers

Kyoto, Japan – May 23rd, 2016 – Questetra, Inc., the global SaaS provider of Business Process Management (BPM), today announced that they have published the new version 11.0 of the cloud-based Workflow product “Questetra BPM Suite” on May 23rd, 2016.

In this new version 11.0, it has become capable of communicating with more External APIs, for its automatic communication function has been enhanced. Specifically, it allows data federation with Core system which requires “Custom HTTP header” such as a Cloud database service “kintone”. This feature will allow configurations, e.g., automatic reference to “Client Master information” which exists external in the middle of “Estimate approval Process”, and automatic update of Common options file by “Daily synchronization Process”.

Setting example for Synchronizing with Options Master data on kintone
Setting example for Synchronizing with Options Master data on kintone


“Questetra BPM Suite” is a multipurpose Cloud-based Workflow product (SaaS product) which is capable of “PDF Auto-generation” and “External connectivity”, etc. Using this product, you will be able to make various in-house processes going Online, not only simple business operations such as “Application procedure”, “Decision-making request”, or “Document translation”, also complicated operations such as “Service provisioning Process” or “Process of sequential operations to Bill issuance from Order acceptance”. (BPM: Business Process Management)

Its most outstanding feature is Mouse-driven configuration of “Business flow”. This feature allows a Process-owner, who knows the business should be, to continue to iterate the Improvement cycle on his/her own in day-to-day work. (Free for up to 10 Users)


Regarding Setting property of “Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)”, an optional “HTTP header” becomes available to be added. With this function, it is now capable of communication methods which adding header such as “X-Cybozu-API-Token:” or “X-ChatWorkToken:”, instead of having been capable of secure communications only Requests that were authorized by “OAuth 2.0 communication” or by “Basic Authentication” until now.

Regarding the feature to indicate current progress (current Step) on a Business Flow Diagram, “Route that passed through up to that point in time” has become obvious. In addition to “Current location of the Issue” and “Operator of the upstream Step” that have been indicated with icons, “Pass route” is shown in red arrow.
Regarding [Dashboard] feature which concurrently displays multiple Aggregation graph, it is now available to display, e.g. a line graph such as “Monthly change in the total amount of the order”, or a bar chart of “Weekly changes in total amount of Reimbursed expenses (Department breakdown)”. You are now able to display graphs from various aspects, in addition to being limited to “the number of Issues that operated by own” or “Bottlenecking in Decision-making Process (Heat map)” so far.
You are able to set up hierarchical relation (dependency) among Select type data items. For example, when you select an option of “8: East Asia” at a Selection form for “Area” (out of 1: North America/2: Africa…./8:East Asia), in a Select form for “Country”, only “81: Japan/82:Korea/852:Hong Kong/86: China…” will be displayed. So far, additional description of JavaScript was required to achieve this, you are now able to set up easily by specifying the dependency. (Forward Match of [Options ID])

* Please see our Release note for the detail of New Features

Graph of Actual route and Operator
Graph of Actual route and Operator

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DashboardGraph of Actual route and Operator