Announcement of Service outage on Apr. 8, 2014

A security vulnerability in some open source software has been published, today (April, 8th. 2014).
In consideration of the content, we are going to make emergency maintenance (security update) immediately. The Users of Questetra would not be able to use it for several seconds. We will appreciate your understanding.


Postscript: (9:10, April. 9. JST)
We stopped Questetra BPM Suite for a few seconds without prior notice, because a serious security flaw in “OpenSSL library” of “Apache web server” which Questetra system uses, was reported. In consideration of the content of the report, we carried out emergency maintenance on 8th JST. We are sorry to our customers for your inconvenience.

Object Users
All Users of Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition
Service Downtime
Tue. Apr. 8th,2014. 21:00 ? 22:00 (JST) [+0900]
Upgraded Version
Questetra BPM Suite Version 9.8.1_20140408
Work Contents
Security update of “OpenSSL library”
Postscript: (17:10, April. 11. JST)
Changed the “Server Certificate”.

Service Downtime<
Fri. Apr. 11th,2014. 17:00 (JST) [+0900]
Upgraded Version
Questetra BPM Suite Version 9.8.1_20140411
Work Contents
Changing operation of the “Server Certificate”