Questetra: Former IBM Connection Machine to Join Questetra

Reinforcing the “Cloud for Corporate Use” Business (SaaS BPM)

Kyoto, Japan — October 1, 2010 — Corporate Software Developer Questetra, Inc., decided at its October 1 special shareholders meeting to invite Mr. Hisashi Katsuya (Former Partner, Japan, at IBM Venture Capital Group) as an outside director.

Hisashi Katsuya, self-proclaimed “Ultimate Connection Machine,” began his career in 1985 at IBM Japan, Ltd. In 2000 he became the Japanese Partner at IBM Venture Capital Group. He has worked as a project manager for the Exploratory IT Human Resources Project at Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA), as well as a member of the ICT Venture Advisory Committee at the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), both Incorporated Administrative Agencies of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, respectively.

With 10 years experience as the Japanese partner at IBM Venture Capital Group, an IBM Corporation global team, Mr. Katsuya has spent much of his life cultivating connections between people. In particular, his contacts with IT company managers exceed 5000, and he has contributed greatly to the development of Japan’s IT industry. Mr. Katsuya will be assuming the office of outside director at Questetra, Inc. Questetra intends to accelerate its software development business globally, by utilizing Mr. Katsuya’s counsel, particularly on capital policies and business alliances, based on his abundant experience in the field of business software (enterprise software). Moreover, the company offered third-party allocation of shares and stock options to shareholders in management positions. The capital is 160 million yen (with a separate 50 million yen as capital reserve).

Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition

Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition is a global cloud application hailing from Japan designed to promote transparency of company processes and performance. Managers can create and edit workflows easily by drag-and-drop, and instantly update the necessary improvements to the system. This makes it possible to pull BPM out of dead-end discussions and let real, on-site demands drive change. (Free up to 5 users) The software can handle general office and payment processes (for instance, applying for an advance), as well as complex workflows such as requesting the accounting department to confirm a quotation before submission to a client, or having multiple peers pre-check an important presentation simultaneously and effectively.

(Selected in Gartner’s Cool Vendor List, e27’s Asia’s Top 50 Apps, etc.)

Comments from Mr. Katsuya

“There are few venture companies in Japan that handle business software. Questetra is a very technology-oriented startup focused on business process management (BPM), a field that is anticipated to grow in the future, and I am glad to be able to join in. I hope to cultivate this new connection that stems from my long acquaintance with Questetra CEO, Mr. Imamura, and offer communication tips and networking advantages for the business.”

Comments from Questetra’s CEO

“I have always held Mr. Katsuya’s energy in high regard, and have often asked for advice when I met him at events, etc. Now that he will be an outside director, I hope to profit from even more specific consultations from a wider range of subjects, such as capital policies for strengthening global competitiveness or improving communication between management.”


Questetra, Inc. is a software development company established in April 2008, located in Kyoto, Japan. Questetra’s mission is to optimize human tasks and contribute to businesses around the world.

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