Questetra: Release Postponed 2 Weeks, “In-House Social Media”

SaaS Workflow Empowered on August 22. for Smooth Processing

Kyoto, Japan — August 8, 2011 — Questetra Inc., a software-for-business developer defers release of the new version of the cloud-based business process management until 22. August.

Comments from Genichi Imamura, CEO

“We were going to release in early August, but due to various reasons, it will be postponed until August 22th 2011.

We are sorry who are looking forward to it, and thank you for understanding.”

Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition Version 8

Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition Version 8 will be released on August 22, 2011, with “Questetra Feed”, which is a standard equipment Enterprise micro-blogging combined to workflow. And also be enhanced in a variety of its functions.  It is a major Version up since September 2010, release of version 7.

Enterprise micro-blogging combined to workflow :”Questetra Feed”

Workers are able to “Tweet” which tied with individual ID easily.  Will be able to efficiently process the work through the workflow by activating communications such as The idea outgoing beyond the divisions and teams, advices and suggestions, confirmation of personnel working in the upstream, prior negotiations to the settlement. And in addition “Visualization of progress” and “Accelerating the improvement cycle” are promoted because progress of work colleagues or  the workflow designer’s improving policy are indicated.

Other added Features

  • Single sign-on platform
  • Maximized in Process Modeler
  • Enhancement on Search Condition

Current circumstance of micro-blogging in the enterprise

Enterprise Micro-blog (Mini-blog) is a communication environment in an organization that staff can freely post short sentences. Recently, Twitter, an open micro-blog and Social Networking Service (web sites that promote community-based connections between people) spread explosively, so  many companies put those micro-blogging to practical use in communicating inside.  Enterprise Social Network Service brings active info exchange beyond departments and workers share their ideas and feelings. There are many products provided, such as Yammer(Yammer, Inc.), Jive(Jive Software), Chatter(, Inc.), Sales OnDemand(SAP), Lotus Connections(IBM).


Questetra, Inc. is a software development company established in April 2008, located in Kyoto, JAPAN. Questetra’s mission is to optimize human tasks around the world.

Contact Info

Hirotaka NISHI / Akiko HATTORI, Customer Service +81-75-205-5007