SaaS BPMS API Unveiled to Boost iPad Business Use

Upcoming iPad, iPhone, Android Apps, via third party partnerships

Kyoto, Japan — June 16, 2010 — Questetra, Inc. will begin offering “Questetra BPMS API” for the development of peripheral software of its cloud BPM application, Questetra BPM Suite. The company plans to offer the complete set of APIs before September.

This will pave the way for future developments to make it possible to operate workflows via iPad applications, third party software, and client-original software, in addition to the currently applicable web browsers. Ex) Quotation issuing

  • A member of sales staff prepares a draft on iPad
  • The manager approves estimate specifications on iPhone
  • An assistant checks approval on PC and sends the quotation

SaaS BPMS API Unveiled to Boost iPad Business Use

API access to SaaS BPM

Questetra BPM Suite

Questetra BPM Suite is a web-based BPMS, in which users can prepare an operable workflow system via easy drag-and-drop modeling. It is available in a Download Edition as well as a SaaS Edition which offers seamless integration with Google Apps, the world’s largest SaaS service.

History of SaaS BPM

History of SaaS BPM

Questetra BPMS API

“Questetra BPMS API” will be offered for the purpose of developing (1) iPad/iPhone/Android applications, (2) Widgets/Gadgets for websites and desktops, and (3) programs for operating workflows via external systems. The complete “Questetra BPMS API” should be available in Google Code in September.

Comments from Mr. Sasaki — i3Systems CEO

“This API will make possible the use of BPMS functions on iPhone/iPad applications, which is one of our strengths. Sales reps will be able to use their iPad to immediately draft estimates and specifications during onsite meetings. Yet, the BPMS will still allow easy rearrangements and improvements on the process models. Our iPhone/iPad application development library,Yubizo Engine, will support this API.”

Comments from Mr. Fujimoto — VP, Oracle Corporation

“This API will enable integration between our SaaS SFA Oracle CRM on Demand and Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition. Users will be able to easily prepare sales-related workflows, from proposal to final order, in one package with Oracle CRM on Demand. I believe it will complement our product and contribute to offering an even stronger sales solution to our clients.”

About Questetra

Questetra, Inc. is a software development company established in April 2008, in Kyoto, Japan. Questetra’s mission is to optimize human tasks and contribute to businesses around the world.

Contact Info

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