SaaS BPMS Newest Version, Unveiled

Version 5.2 of Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition

On March 8, 2010, Questetra will be releasing version 5.2 of their product Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition, a business process management software (BPMS) that can easily be incorporated into small to medium-sized companies with around 20 to 200 employees. (Monthly rate: 10 USD per user)

A business process management software is a business groupware that allows you to graphically define workflows, and which you can also use as the system on which employee tasks are administered according to defined workflows.

SaaS BPMS Newest Version, Unveiled

Workflow Definition Screen

Task Execute Screen

Task Execute Screen

The free download edition [Questetra BPM Suite Download Edition] has been used by up to 10 thousand users from over 170 countries, in the 1 year since its launch in January 2009. Questetra has continually developed and modified the software based on feedback from users and clients. (Downloadable at: )

Because the software is primarily used in workflows with significance on human input — issuing invoices, preparing estimates, writing email magazines, etc. — changes in the new version have been focused on functions that enable non-engineers and non-programmers to improve the workflow system.

Questetra will continue to support visualization of the business process, for small to medium-sized companies as well as departments within large corporations.

[Sample of Industries Using the Software]

Online shopping, Information technology, Software development, Web design, Contract manufacturing, etc. (Process samples: )

[Software Features]

  1. Users can revise the system themselves
    • The application embodies both workflow definition and task execution functions.
  2. 100% web-based interface
    • All operations can be done on a web browser, whether it is designing a process or executing a task.
  3. Various process samples are available
    • A diverse set of sample processes is available: estimate, invoice issuing, inquiry response, etc.
  4. Google Apps integration
    • Google Apps users can login automatically via Google Apps accounts and export data to Google Docs.

[Future Developments]

  • 2010 summer: Bigger degree of customization in data input screens
  • 2010 autumn: Stronger functions for mobile access
  • 2010 winter: Release of API for application development

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