May. 27 (UTC+9) Access Trouble occurred in Partial Environments of Free SaaS Edition (Recovered)

This problem has been recovered already.

Some of our customers could not access ‘Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition’ because access trouble is occurring from 9:32 on May 27 (JST, +09:00). We deeply apologize to you customers for inconvenience.

(added at 5/27 13:25)
Access trouble has been recovered around 13:13 on May 27 (JST, +09:00).

Trouble Date

Occurred:Tue, May. 27, 2014 9:53 (JST) [+09:00]
Recovered:Tue, May. 27, 2014 13:13 (JST) [+09:00] (added at 13:25)

What Occurred

Customers of Free SaaS Edition can not access Questetra to the following URL.

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Cause of Trouble

(Work in progress at 11:50)
Network trouble in data center. (added at 14:27)


(Work in progress at 11:50)
Restored because of the recovery from network trouble in data center. (added at 14:27)

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