v10.0 2014-11-10: Dashboard & Numeric Data Aggregation

2014-11-05: Release Date is decided on Nov. 10th.

Release Overview


  • Dashboard in which you can see My Tasks or Your Performance charts, etc..
  • Data aggregation for Numeric type data items, and chart display of its result.
  • Boundary Event which you can define the action on Task deadline.
  • Expanded the number of available User to 10 accounts. (With 1GB file storage)

Date Release

v10.0, the new version is due to be released on Nov. 10th, 2014. With regarding to the official release date, we will announce in this Website as soon as we determine it. Also, we will send a guidance email to the administrators of subject environment, approximately a week in advance.

In addition, we update Free SaaS Edition to v10.0 on Oct. 27th, preceding the major release. We also expand the available users from 5 to 10 accounts, so we hope you to utilize it more than ever.

For our paid customers, please use our Free SaaS Edition for testing the new version, news features and changes.

Changes to be Noted

  • We will no longer support for Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8.
  • Abolished ‘Alarm’ on Tasks, which was scheduled to be, added ‘Nontification Setting’.
    • ‘Alarm’ that has been set on Process Models will not work.
    • Please use ‘Notification Setting’, new function, after the release of v10.
  • ‘Abort task (token will not move)’, the option of action on a deadline of Tasks becomes scheduled to be abolished.
    • You cannot set this option newly, though the function that have been set already will work.
    • After the function is abolished, remaining settings of this option will cause an error.
    • Please use ‘Timer Boundary Event’ as the alternative. You will be able to define the processing at the deadline of the task as a normal operation.
  • Changed ‘Restriction of Looping Structure’ in Process Diagram.
    • Looping Structure is available only for an Auto – processing Task or Auto-Event.
    • A limitation is given to the total number of Tasks and Events in each Process Model. (Up to 500)
  • We will completely stop four system develop API which have been scheduled to be abolished.

Details for Version 10.0 (more to be added, soon)

Normal User : Workflow

  • Added Dashboard Feature (labs)
    • 6 types of Widgets are available, such as [My Tasks] and [Your Performance], etc..
  • Selectable top page after login
    • Select from [My Tasks], [Task Feed], [DashBoard]
    • If you access by specifying a certain page (URL), Priority will be given to it.
  • A confirmation window appears when leaving the page or closing the browser window (Tab), during a Task Operating screen (input form) is shown.
  • Removed labels from File Download button (File type data). Only icon(s) is indicated.
  • History of Auto-processing is not shown on Process Detail screen
    • Shown only in Administrator Mode (Described below)
  • Neither [Terminate] and [Delete] are possible on a Process during [Candidate] button is indicated in ‘Operator’ column in the History Table on Task Detail Screen.

Process Owner (Workflow administrator)

  • Added new function: aggregating the values that entered in Numeric type data, and show the result in the graph. (labs)
    • Users with [Data Viewer Authorization] can configure aggregation rule.
    • You can also save aggregation rules for the Result chart.
  • Added ‘Administrator Mode’ which is for controlling Processes on Process Detail screen.
    • Users with [Process Administrator Authorization] can switch to this mode.
    • Processing Histories of auto-processing such as ‘Events’ or ‘Service Tasks’ are shown only in this mode.
    • [Reallocate], [Terminate], [Edit Data] are only available in this mode.
    • The contents displaying in [Window for Printing] differs depending whether this mode is On or Off.
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • [Terminate], [Delete] buttons are clickable despite these are unavailable, in some Processed.

Workflow Designe

[Task / Boundary Event]

  • Added [Timer Boundary Event]
    • Task will be finished at its deadline, and the Token will go forward.
  • Added [Error Boundary Event]
    • Task will be finished if there is no Operator (Candidate), and the Token will go forward.
  • Improved the interface of Task Deadline Setting.
    • Isolated the option of not setting its deadline, from others.
  • <Advance Notice> ‘Abort task (token will not move)’, the option of action on a deadline of Tasks becomes scheduled to be abolished.
    • Setting with this option will work properly for the time being, but it won’t after the abolition. Please modify the setting using the [Boundary Event] stated above.
    • You cannot choose this option newly after the release of new version.
  • Abolished the Alarm options in Task setting, added new Notification settings.
    • Email notification will be sent to the Operator (Candidates), disregarding notification setting in their own account.
      • Notification email will be sent if this option is set, in spite of the Operator (Candidates) have set their own account not to receive.
    • An Alarm that has been set previously (Addressed to organizational email address) will no longer work.
  • Changed the name of ‘Task’ to ‘Human Task’.
    • Emphasizing that it is done by human.
    • New ‘Human Task’ icons which a symbol of human have been arranged at right bottom.
      • There are more than one icons, but their function is the same.

[Script Task]

  • Enabled specification by searching Users who belong to a certain Organization as a member or leader.
  • Enabled specification by searching Users who belong to a certain Role.
  • Enabled specification by searching Choices in Choices Master (Choices.XML) stored in Process Model Files.

[Message Throwing Intermediate Event (HTTP)]

  • Corresponded to cases in OAuth 2 Authentication that a Refresh Token to be updated when retrieving the Access token.
  • Enhanced the actions on the cases in OAuth2 Authentication that response on Tokens was invalid.
  • <Advance Notice> Callback URL for OAuth2 Authentication will be changed in Version 10.0.
    • Reconfiguration of OAuth2 and re-acquisition of Token will be required.

[Process Data]

  • Changed the interface of Process Data Item setting screen.
    • Integrated data items addition, item detail, design setting into one screen
    • The conventional Data Item setting screen will remain for the use of browsing Items.
  • [Advanced Layout] is also integrated into this interface.
  • You can add Note to a Guide Panel type data item
  • A space that is inserted before or after  the ID and the label of Choices will be trimmed, when specifying Choices for Select type data item with Choices XML (Process model File / via HTTP).
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • When entering ‘Description’ of Process Data Items by clicking on the [Add Below] button, the contents may not be entered.
    • Textarea in CSV format in the Choices setting of Select type data item wouldn’t be cleared by clicking on the [Reset] button.


  • Enabled to set value in Select type data items in ‘Service Task (data assignment)’.
  • Added [System Variable: Application Root] (URL of the use environment) and [System Variable: Security Key] (Identifier issued for each use environment, to the pulldown list of[Embedded Command] in Setting screen of ‘Throwing Message Intermediate Event (Email)’, etc..
  • Changed the ‘Restriction for Looping’ in drawing Process Diagram.
    • Eliminated the restriction that ‘At least one Task or Throwing Message Intermediate Event is required in a Looping’.
    • The Prohibition of Looping that is composed only with gateways, continues.
    • Given a limit to ‘the amount of processed Tasks and Events per Process. (500)
  • Abolished the Auto-completion of adding ‘Start Event’ and ‘End Event’ at Saving a Process Model.
  • Abolished the Validation check on ‘Throwing Message Intermediate Event’ at Saving a Process Model.
    • Abolished the check in Modeler, unified to checking on the server side.
  • Enable to Export Archive and to Copy, even if it has contained errors.
  • Added buttons for Download on the list of Process Model File screen. (Abolished hyperlinks on the file name for downloading.)
  • Clarified with the description on the Process Model Detail screen that need to move for editing it. (The details of the setting is for indication only.)
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Validation check may not work correctly when entering value to Numeric type data in setting of Split condition.

System Administrator

  • For various Events / Script task / Service task, if the name was not set, the type of it is indicated on list of the Process log.

System Engineer

  • Prohibit HTTP GET method in the following Developer API (Security enhancement)
    • User Setting API
      • Creating a User Account (/API/UGA/Quser/add), Updating a User Account (/API/UGA/Quser/update), Deleting a User Account (/API/UGA/Quser/delete)
    • Organization Setting API
      • Creating an Organization Unit (/API/UGA/Qgroup/add), Updating an Organization Unit (/API/UGA/Qgroup/update), Deleting an Organization Unit (/API/UGA/Qgroup/delete)
    • Membership Setting API
      • Adding a Member to an Organization (/API/UGA/Membership/add), Assigning a Leader to an Organization (/API/UGA/Membership/update), Deleting a Member from an Organization (/API/UGA/Membership/delete)
    • Monitoring API
      • Terminating Process (/API/OR/ProcessInstance/stop), Deleting Process (/API/OR/ProcessInstance/delete), Reallocating Task (/API/PIM/Workitem/reallocate)
  • Abolished the following system development API that has been scheduled to
    • Querying for all Task records:/API/PIM/Workitem/list
    • Querying for all Process Instances records:/API/PIM/ProcessInstance/list
    • Retrieving a specilied Process Instance:/API/PIM/ProcessInstance/view
    • Retrieving a Process Instance in the Worklist:/API/PE/ProcessInstance/view

Use Environment/ System Platform

  • Expanded the number of available Users in Free SaaS Edition from 5 to 10 accounts.
  • Closed our support for Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8
  • Responded to Bash ShellShock vulnerability (already done)
  • Responded to POODLE vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566) (already done)