v10.2.0 2015-04-20: Automatically generate a sample of “Template PDF” on which the Business Data to be Embedded

Release Overview

Date Release

Changes to be Noted

  • [Google Gadget] feature will be abolished
    • Please change the business operations to work without [Google Gadget]
    • In this version updating, existing [Google Gadget] is still available though, it will be not in the future version
  • “⁄ (slash)” will be no longer available in folder name in [Service Task (Google Drive)]
    • Please modify if you are specifying a Folder name that using “⁄ (slash)”
  • (Our plans for future change is described in ‘Changing plans, such as Specification, etc.’ section at the end of this page)

Details for Version 10.2.0

Normal User


  • Changed the Status display (Process Diagram) shown on Process Detail, etc.
    • Enlarged the display size of the Icon of handling personnel
    • At the process diagram of a printing screen, changed the tooltip not to appear by mouse-over
    • In browsers which do not support SVG, changed not to display the Process Diagram
      • In a supported browser, it will be displayed as usual
      • It is not displayed in the unsupported browser such as IE8, etc.
  • In the use of [Start a new Process with these data], changed to allow copying the business data of Numeric type within Table type data item, despite if the version of the Process Model was different, and the definition in those such as the Input-check (minimum / maximum) or the number of digits have been modified
    • コData will be copied even if unsatisfys the modified definition
    • he same specification as normal Numeric type
  • Enabled to expand of the comment display section of Discussion type data item in Task operating
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • The icon of Handling personnel might possibly be hidden behind the Boundary Event icon, in the displaying of ‘Status’ (Process Diagram) in task detail screen, etc.
    • When attaching image files on the Task operating screen for Smartphone, Preview does not appear immediately
    • When clicking on the [Previous]/[Next] button on the Task operating screen for Smartphone, it might possibly skip to more than one page ahead / backward

Task Feed

  • Enabled to specify [Only me] (no one else) for the target whereas itwas needed to specify “Follower” or “Group” upon posting a new Message Thread
  • Changed the display items and the layouts
    • Moved the [Popular Topics] to the right sidebar, Topics to be displayed
    • Moved [Following] and [Follower] to the left sidebar
    • [Notification] to be displayed on the right part of the header in an icon of the number
  • Added the display of [Notification]
    • The notification messages from Mr. Queste (mascot of the system) such as ‘a Task is Offered to you,’ are no longer displayed on the Time Line. It will be shown in the [Notification]
    • Changed the automatic posting at finishing a Task, to be displayed in [Notification]
      • Restricted the target of the message to people who concerned with the Issues only
      • Added the ‘Task processing of downstream Step’ of which you have handled, to the subject to be notified
        You can configure at [Account Setting ])
      • “Task processing of following User” has abolished
  • Login status of Following / Follower User is shown
  • Exclude the automatic posting messages (fixed phrase) upon task processing from the Search result
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • The layout collapses when you search under the condition that ends with “. Html” or “iewXml”


  • Added [Popular Topics] of Task Feed to be displayed
  • Configured timeout for Ajax communication

Account Setting

  • Abolished the [Google Gadgets] menu in the [Account Setting]
    • Google Gadgets which Questetra provides are scheduled to be abolished totally in the future, while currently existing Gadgets are available

Process Owner (Workflow administrator)

Aggregation Chart

  • “Line chart”, “Column chart”, “(Horizontal) Bar chart” are available now
    • Changed the conventional “(vertical) bar chart” to “Column chart”
      • Bar charts which have been saved in v10.1 will be displayed in “(Horizontal) Bar chart” in v10.2
    • Added “Bar chart” newly – Type of chart that can be used for selected “aggregate unit” are as follows
      • “Aggregate unit” related to Date and Datetime Items: line chart / Column chart
      • “Aggregate unit” related to User, Organization, Select type Items: Column chart / Bar chart
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • When the process data items that are used in Aggregation chart has been deleted, [Update] button and [Save Chart] button are active, even though Aggregation chart is not shown


  • [Error] menu will appear only when error exists
  • From the Error list, Process Detail screen will open in [Administrator Mode]
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Cannot add Star in Error list
    • Error list is always displayed as unread

Workflow Designer

Service Task (PDF generation)

  • Enabled to Auto-generate (download) the sample of “Template PDF” on which the Business Data to be Embedded
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • The position where Numeric type data to be embedded might deviate

Process Model Editing / Other items

  • In [Service Task (Google Drive)], file uploading to child folders (which is hierarchy lower than the top ) is now available
    • “⁄ (slash)” is no longer available in folder name because it is used as delimiters of directory
  • In [Message Staart event (Form)], enabled redirection upon [Submit] to arbitrary page
  • Enabled to record a memorandum for the target version upon [Release
  • Enabled to fill in the Summary description for the general Users in the properties of the corresponding Process Model
    • General Users can review the summary on the Process Model list in [Start] menu
    • Conventional [Note] was changed to [Note for Process Model Editor]
  • Enabled previewing the editing for Work Manual
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • In the Data Items setting screen, the configuration of mandatory or minimum / maximum number of attachments are not copied when copying File type data item
    • In the Data Items setting screen,a greater value than the maximum value can be set to the minimum value, in Input check of Text type data item, etc.

System Administrator

  • The following settings for System Authorization / Process Authorization are available now
    • Members of the subordinate organization of the specified “Organization”
      • The target of Authorization will be updated along the setting rule, even if the Organizational architecture was changed
    • Members who belong to the specified “Role”
    • Does not correspond to the combination of “Organization” and “Role”
  • Changed the displaying of Extension Key (License)
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Upon User bulk registration, If you try to change the organization as in which no System Administrator exists, it does not proceed from the confirmation screen, without displaying any message
    • Upon User bulk registration, change might not be executed because it is determined that no System Administrator exists, despite it is not the change like that
    • The User authorized as System Administrator him/herself is able to delete own System Authorization

System Engineer

  • On the API for retrieving User /Organization list, changed invalid error to “InvalidStart(10012) / InvalidLimit(10013)” from “Validation (10000)”
    • No change of HTTP Response code, remains in 400

Use Environment/ System Platform

  • Renewed Menu icons
  • Improved the messages in Spanish
  • Changed the Java execution environment (runtime) of application to Java8
  • Improved the fault tolerance of Web server
  • Established an Online Demo environment in the European server (Germany) newly


Plans of Future Changes

We are planning to alter the following specifications and system platform in the future versions.

  • [Google Gadget] feature will be abolished
    • Please change the business operations to work without [Google Gadget]
  • Password that is the same as [Login Password] will not be available for [API password] for Basic Authentication in Developer API
    • Please create a new [API Password] and change the password for Basic Authentication for applications, etc that are using [Developer APIs] to it, if there were accounts that [API password] and [Login Password] are the same.
    • [API Password] will be generated automatically at this specification change for the account which ‘Login password’ is the same.
  • Upon the release of thenext version (Ver. 10.3), Supported OS will be changed to “Windows 8.1” from “Windows 8”