v10.4.1 2015-12-07: Fixed Bugs in Displaying of My Tasks and Search, etc.

Release Overview

Date Release

Changes to be Noted

  • [Already described] Releasing some of IP addresses in the IP address list that Questetra has reserved (the end of November, 2015)
    • Please change the settings if you have utilized the connection restriction by the IP address in your own programs that accept connections from Questetra
    • We will inform you of the IP address that is scheduled to be deleted, in the release announcement mail
      • Email Subject: [Questetra] Releasing the new version Ver 10.4.1 (December 7)
  • In SSL Comunication, “Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm” will be disabled
    • When you connect to Questetra with HTTPS, clients supporting only the DH key exchange algorithm will not be able to connect
    • Please use the client that supports the “RSA key exchange algorithm”, “Elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm (ECDH / ECDHE)”
    • Supported browser does not have any problem. There is a possibility that your own developed applications which are using old library, etc. will not be available
    • Supported Version
      • Paid Edition: Version 10.4.1 (This updating)
      • Free Edition: Version 10.4.0 (Aleready supported)
  • (Check out also the plans of changes in future versions at [Plans of Future Changes], the bottom of this page.)

Details for Version 10.4.1

Normal User


  • Changed the [Today] button into the [Now] button in the Input Interface of “Date Type (Y/M/D)”
  • Operate according to the time zone setting by each User
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • [Title] will not be displayed in bold despite unread tasks in the list of [My Tasks] and [Offered]
    • Cannot display [My Tasks] with the error when the number of tasks in [My Tasks] exceed 32767
    • When you specifying a process model in [Organizational Performance] using the narrowing with year and month, the total values of [Heat map] will not be displayed correctly if canceling the narrowing
    • On [IE9], despite clicking on [Stay on Page] button on a page transition confirmation dialog that appears on the Task Operating screen when you click on the button which links for the search conditions that has created by the user (side menu), it results in page transition.
    • At Task Operating screen for Smart-phone, a string of displaying label in the editing component in “Select type (Search select)”, “User type”, “Organization type”, is interrupted in the middle when it was too long.
    • There might be cases in which the scroll bar appears at other than the right edge when displaying “[Candidates] of Offered Task” or “[Operators] of Team Swimlane” in Task Detail screen.
    • The Name of Splitting does not appear in the Process Diagram of [Status] in Process Detail screen. (In case of Split by buttons.)
    • At Task Search, even if you do not specify a “Starred” in the search condition, it ends up being searched under the condition of “Not Starred”
  • Open Chat (Task Feed) / Dashboard / Account Setting

    • None

    Process Owner (Workflow Administrator)

    • None

    Workflow Designer

    • [Annotation] is now possible to be placed also out of Swimlane on Process Diagram
    • Items in Process Diagram are no longer the subject of Undo /Redo in the case it is attempted to be moved but couldn’t.
    • Response in application/xml format is now capable of being stored in String type data item at [Throwing Message Intermediate Event].
    • The number of items that indicate in the list of Running Process is changed to 10 items in the order of newly Started upon [Suspending] a Process Model.
      • It does not display all the items. Only the number of items is displayed.
    • Revised the processing of [Deletion of Process Model] not to stress the system.
      • Changed the deletion of the individual Process to be executed in a separate transaction
    • Fixed following Bugs:
      • There may be cases that items to be placed in a location where they can not be placed , when the size setting has been changed after placing items on Process Diagram
      • In [Message Start Event (e-mail)], there may be cases to be an error for not conforming to the MIME specifications, because of line break codes have not been removed from the incoming mail subject (subject header).

    System Administrator

    • Fixed following Bugs:
      • Dates of “Validated / Expiration” of [Extension key] are not according to the timezone of the User

    System Engineer

    • Corresponded to remove the null character (0x00) from strings of API parameter and DB perpetuation
    • Fixed following Bugs:
      • Unintentionally, it is possible to update with “Blank” in Name or Email address in APIs for “User information updating (/API/UGA/Quser/update)” and “Organization information updating (/API/UGA/Qgroup/update)”

    Application / Use Environment / System Platform

    • Disable “Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm” in SSL communication
      • Only “RSA key exchange algorithm”, “Elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithm (ECDH / ECDHE)” are available
      • Free edition is already supported in Version 10.4.0
    • Release some of IP addresses in the IP address list of the server which provides the paid service


    Plans of Future Changes

    We are planning to alter the following specifications and system platform in the future versions.

    • [Abort Task (Token will not move)], the handling at deadline, will be abolished
      • Existing configuration will continue operating for the time being, but it will not work at the time of abolition and after.
      • Please change to the setting option which utilizes ‘Boundary Event’: [Abort Task (Token will move to Timer Boundary Event)]
    • In [Message Start Event (HTTP)] and [Catching Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)], HTTP response to be returned at the time of processing error will be changed to “400” from “500”
      • For such a program that has been described the processing based on the HTTP response code, you will need a change
    • In [Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)], HTTP request in ‘application/json’ format (POST / PUT / PATCH) will be abolished.
      • You will need to change the settings using new feature, which is capable of sending request specifying any part of Content-Type / Body.
    • We are going to change our support policy for IE to meet Microsoft policy after january 12th 2016, which we will support only the latest version of IE available to respective OS.