v10.4.3 2016-02-15: Fixed Bug which Not being Able to Login, and Announcement of Specification Change

Release Overview

Date Release

Changes to be Noted

Details for Version 10.4.3

Normal User


  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • There may be a case in which an error occurs at the time of login, thereafter, all the user will not be able to log in
    • (Edge) Task name,etc. do not appear on a Process Diagram of a Process Model that has [Annotation].
    • (Edge) An empty window opens when opened Task operating screen in New window, then downloaded attachment of File type data item.
    • In the preview function of the image file, file name is not HTML escape

Open Chat (Task Feed) / Dashboard / Account Setting

  • None

Process Owner (Workflow Administrator)

  • None

Workflow Designer

  • None

System Administrator

  • None

System Engineer

  • None

Application / Use Environment / System Platform

  • None


Plans of Future Changes

We are planning to alter the following specifications and system platform in the future versions.

Due Version.11.0 (Due to release in March 2016)

  • For Options master (Options XML), we will change specifications that an Option becomes invalid when any one of the choices ID (value) / label (display) is blank.
    • Also “setting as blank” is invalid when you define the option in other methods than the Options master. (specification unification)
  • [Abort Task (Token will not move)], the handling at deadline, will be abolished
    • Existing configuration will continue operating for the time being, but it will not work at the time of abolition and after.
    • Please change to the setting option which utilizes ‘Boundary Event’: [Abort Task (Token will move to Timer Boundary Event)]
  • In [Message Start Event (HTTP)] and [Catching Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)], HTTP response to be returned at the time of processing error will be changed to “400” from “500”
    • For such a program that has been described the processing based on the HTTP response code, you will need a change

Due Version.11.1

  • In [Catching Message Intermediate Event] and [APIs for Task processing (/API/PE/Workitem/Form/save)], we will change specifications of behavior related to Select type data item (Checkbox) and File type data item.
    • We will change that Value of Select type (Checkbox)/ File type to be maintained when the permission setting is “Editable” and the corresponding parameter is not transmitted.
    • In the current specification, value will be cleared.
    • This is for the unification of behavior to meet with other Data types which is to maintain value if not sending parameter.
    • Unifying in “to maintain value if not sending parameter” and “to clear value if sending blank value parameter”
  • In [Throwing Message intermediate Event (HTTP)], we will change specification that if the value of “Title” is blank, it will exclude from sending parameter.
    • Unification with other Process data items.

Due Version.11.2

  • In [Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)], HTTP request in ‘application/json’ format (POST / PUT / PATCH) will be abolished.
    • Please change the settings using the feature that has been added in Version 10.4, which is capable of sending request specifying any part of Content-Type / Body.