v10.4.5 2016-04-11: Fixed Bug about “Select type”, and Announcement of Specification Change

Release Overview

Date Release

Changes to be Noted

Details for Version 10.4.5

Normal User


  • Display order of “Saved Search Condition” in the Side menu to be the same as the order of the search condition list.
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • In the Process / Task search, when filtered by File type data item, and the file is at the end of the attachment list, the target Process / Task is not shown in search result, even if the file name has met the condition.
      (Likewise Process / Task Search using the API.)

Open Chat (Task Feed) / Dashboard / Account Setting

  • None

Process Owner (Workflow Administrator)

  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • May not be Possible to Search Defined Choices using “Select type (Search Select box)”
    • In the Table type data item which has been defined summary rows, the data of one row above is displayed in the summary rows in the column of Numeric type data, that has been defined “Horizontal calculation without vertical calculation”.
      • Despite Displaying blank is correct, it looks like errant aggregate value.
      • This occurs on Process detail screen and Task operating screen which has been configured that Table type data item as “Display only”.

Workflow Designer

  • Set the maximum number of 256 characters to the Process data item name
  • Fixed following Bugs:
    • Data items which are unable to be assigned appear in the select box when reopening property after setting [Service Task (data assignment)].
      • e.g. Assigning “Date type data” into Numeric data item, etc.

System Administrator

  • None

System Engineer

  • None

Application / Use Environment / System Platform

  • None


Plans of Future Changes

We are planning to alter the following specifications and system platform in the future versions.

Due Version.11.0 (Due to release in May, 2016)

  • For Options master (Options XML), we will change specifications that an Option becomes invalid when any one of the choices ID (value) / label (display) is blank.
    • Also “setting as blank” is invalid when you define the option in other methods than the Options master. (specification unification)
  • [Abort Task (Token will not move)], the handling at deadline, will be abolished
    • Existing configuration will continue operating for the time being, but it will not work at the time of abolition and after.
    • Please change to the setting option which utilizes ‘Boundary Event’: [Abort Task (Token will move to Timer Boundary Event)]
  • In [Message Start Event (HTTP)] and [Catching Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)], HTTP response to be returned at the time of processing error will be changed to “400” from “500”
    • For such a program that has been described the processing based on the HTTP response code, you will need a change

Due Version.11.1

  • In [Catching Message Intermediate Event] and [APIs for Task processing (/API/PE/Workitem/Form/save)], we will change specifications of behavior related to Select type data item (Checkbox) and File type data item.
    • We will change that Value of Select type (Checkbox)/ File type to be maintained when the permission setting is “Editable” and the corresponding parameter is not transmitted.
    • In the current specification, value will be cleared.
    • This is for the unification of behavior to meet with other Data types which is to maintain value if not sending parameter.
    • Unifying in “to maintain value if not sending parameter” and “to clear value if sending blank value parameter”
  • In [Throwing Message intermediate Event (HTTP)], we will change specification that if the value of “Title” is blank, it will exclude from sending parameter.
    • Unification with other Process data items.

Due Version.11.2

  • In [Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)], HTTP request in ‘application/json’ format (POST / PUT / PATCH) will be abolished.
    • Please change the settings using the feature that has been added in Version 10.4, which is capable of sending request specifying any part of Content-Type / Body.