Cloud Workflow

v11.3.6 2017-09-20 New Version Release for Existing Customer of Download Edition

Release Overview

  • This version is for customers who have already purchased “Extension Key”
    • When upgrading, please check the releasing contents of all versions released between your current using version and this version
    • Functions “limited to SaaS Edition” is not available in other than SaaS Edition.
  • Date Release: Wed. Sep. 20th, 2017

Details for Version 11.3.6

Changes of Functions for Normal User

  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Error message upon trying to log in beyond the number of simultaneous logins is not displayed properly.


  • none

Open Chat / Dashboard / Account setting

  • Fixed following Bugs
    • [Open Chat] When multiple new posts with the same topic are made at the same time, errors occur in later post
    • [Profile] When uploading an image file to change the user icon, a new icon may not be displayed on the setting screen
      • Since the icon image is cached in the browser, all icons are not changed immediately even after this bug is fixed

Changes of Functions for Process Owner (Workflow Administrator)

  • none

Changes of Functions for Workflow Designer

  • Improved App deletion processing to reduce memory usage
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • With Numeric items in Table type Data Item, no error occurs even if the column summary result exceeds the system limit value
    • When importing an archive containing a Service definition file (Add-on), it may not be possible to [release]

Changes of Functions for System Administrator

  • Corresponded for performing error check for all Apps upon registering / deleting service definition files (add-ons) in [App-shared Add-ons]

Changes of Functions for System Engineer

  • none

Non-functional Changes and Changes of External tool Functions

  • Upgraded Apache Struts version to 2.3.34 from 2.3.32