v8.0.0 2011-08-22: Added New Enterprise Social “Task Feed” Related with Workflow


In-house Micro-blogging Feature Related with Workflow Function: “Task Feed”

Enables feel free tweet tied with individual ID.
Promoting communications such as sharing of ideas across divisions or team, advice to subordinates, confirmation of personnel working in the upstream, prior negotiations to the approval, so the work through the workflow will be done efficiently.
Also, information such as coworkers work progress or improvement Policy by the Workflow designer are displayed, so that help to promote “Visualization of business progress” and “Accelerating the improvement cycle”

Responding to Enterprise Single Sign-on Platform

Enables to cooperate with corporate ID password management platform.
Not need to set account password for the Questetra BPM Suite by cooperating single sign-on product that supports SAML2.0

For Easier Use!

Renewed menu, screen design and layouts, according to publishing new version with new “Task Feed” feature. “Workflow” which to process defined work and job (Task) and to confirm the performance, and “Task Feed” which to communicate with other users are placed on Main Menu. User Settings Menu such as “Setting”, “System Setting”, “Process model Setting” are changed to Click to view on the user name that appears on the right.

Details of New Features


Functions for General Users

  • Added Workflow cooperating tweet feature “Task Feed”
    • Tweeting and reply Comment
    • “Good!” on tweet, add “Topic”
    • Automatic tweet on Task execution
    • Attach files and Hyperlinks
    • Tweet sort by ‘Topic’ or ‘User’
  • Display thumbnails at “Execute Task” screen and “Detail” screen if an image file is attached in file type data item.
  • Process Chart can be displayed nice and fast in “Process detail screen”(SVG/VML)
  • Detailed Search condition in “Task Search”

Changes on screen/ Layout/ User interface

  • Change Menu button, its position and design
    • Integrated [My Page] [All Users’ Operation Record] to “Workflow” menu
    • Added “Task Feed” menu
    • Integrated [User Management] and [System Administration] to “System Settings”
    • Change [Process Model management] to “Process Model Setting”
    • Setting menu are moved into “Click to view” on the user name that appears on the right top
    • Change [My Operation Record] and [All Users’ Operation Record] to “My Task Record” and “All Process Record”
  • Change page transitions of “My Task Record” and “All Process Record”
    • Separate [Search] and [Summary]
    • [All Process] and [All Task] are moved into select-box as “Displayed in the process” and “Displayed in the task”
  • Change menu position and display items in “Detail” screen of “Process Model Setting”
  • Change Process Authorization name
    • Process Model Manager -> Process Model Editor
    • Process Manager -> Process Administrator
    • Process Data and History Viewer -> Data Viewer
    • Process History Viewer -> Data Viewer (only Progress Information)

Process Models

  • [annually] repeat pattern in [Timer start event]
  • Multiple repeat pattern can be set in [Timer start event]
  • Added condition expression of [split condition], “include in file name” in [file] data item, “include” in [discussion] data item
  • “calculation formula” can be used in [numeric] data item

for Process Model Managers

  • Can revert editing process model to current operating version
  • Can easily adjust the position of the object in drawing process chart
  • Can output image of process char
  • Change in [process data item] screen
    • Dividing into pages when data items are many
    • Can check on layout of data item placement
  • Change in [Search criteria list]
    • Can use by [Process Manager] and [Process Data and History Viewer]
    • Can create [Search criteria list] that not sharing with other user
  • Can relative conditions can be specified such as [Last month] or [myself] in [search in process]
  • Can select by check-box to display process data item in search result
  • Can search by process ID in [All Process]
  • Can sort search result by [Allocated User] in [search in task]

Functions for System Administrators

  • Can Single Sign-on with certification using SAML
  • Can configure Primarily Group in User management
  • Can Copy & Paste Into text area by selecting file in [CSV Import] of “Import Users” (only with Chrome/Firefox Labs )
  • Can disable password certification of Questetra BPM Suite when using Single Sign-on

Functions for Developers and Developer Partners

  • None


Fixed Following bugs already reported in our Bug Report

  • [(string) Data Item] Can Not Saved, When Using [Specify by String Type Process Data] In [Select] Box Set Up
  • Message Throwing Intermediate Event may executed twice in Process Models with process splitting


System Requirements etc.

  • Changed to ‘PostgreSQL 9.0’ on Supporting Data-base (Only for Customized Edition)
  • Upgraded to jQuery 1.6.2、jQuery Mobile 1.0 beta2、ExtJS 3.4.0
  • Changed possible Flash Player version to 10.2 or later (Upgrade notion will be indicated for older version users)