v8.1.0 2011-11-07: Enhanced Enterprise Social “Task Feed” Feature


Enhanced “Task Feed” Feature

  • “Task Feed” feature which integrated with Workflow is enhanced and become easier.
  • “Trouble” is added as well as “Good!” and “Knowledge” so far, and a topic can be searched easily.
  • ‘Topic’ can be followed as well as user, so you never miss the hot topic.
  • Email notification can be selected when mentioned comment or message or “Good!”

More Flexible Setting on Allocation Rule

  • Previously, when setting up a swim-lane assignment rules, only one group or one user was able to be configured.
  • New Version is available to be set multiple groups / multiple users at the same time.

Catch Important Info! Improved User Interface

  • Have you ever left a task that past deadline unnoticed? For tasks past deadline the deadline dates are indicated in red letters.
  • Error display on the task execution screen, button names and position in process detail screen etc.,we are trying to improve the Interface for better use for users.


Normal User

  • Red letter indication of deadline date of tasks past deadline in Task list in [My Task].
  • Add “Category” in the display item of Task list.
  • Highlight the error notification on input error in [Task execute] screen.
  • Can shift “Executing status” in [Task Execute] screen until task is finished.
  • Change design of ‘Check box’ in [Task Execute] screen for smart-phone.
  • Put text of “(copy)” on the top of the subject when starting process reusing past data.
  • Place hyperlink to submit message to Task Feed after Delegated Task etc.
  • Enable to display process search list on the left menu.
  • Change [Process Detail] screen
    • Change display of focused Task in [Process Detail] screen of [Task Search] result in [My Tasks] (Process Chart / Process record)
    • Changed name from “Cancel” to “Terminate”
    • Moved buttons of “Terminate” and “Delete” to the right.
    • Placed inactive buttons of “Return” and “Edit Data” even when they are impossible.
    • Enabled to shrink the process chart to fit the screen size.
    • Enable to display process chart on separate screen.
    • Put Icon to indicate it is for authorized person on [Process Detail] screen in [All Process Record] to distinct from [Process Detail] screen of [My Tasks].
  • Support automatic e-mail attachments sent from Questetra BPM Suite (embedded type data files) are not displayed (Thunderbird 7.0.1)
  • Abolished real-time synchronization of discussion type data in [Task Execution] screen, according to Task Feed feature added since Version 8.Fixed following Bugs
Task Feed
  • Added “Hot Topic” display feature.
  • Enabled to follow “A Topic”, not  only “a user”.
  • Added “Trouble” as common topic.
  • Enable to display the list of messages addressed to a group.
  • Enable to display mentions addressed to a person or to a group as hyperlink, and clicking on it, the list of related messages is displayed on the right side bar.
  • Indicate “Deletion” when a message or a comment is deleted.
  • Enable Notification message to be deleted.
  • Improved on automated post on finishing a Task and Error dialogue display.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Number of new message may be displayed different from actual number.
Account Setting (Personal Setting)
  • Enhanced Notification feature
    • Describe hyperlink for smart-phone in notification email.
    • Enable to set up for notification on email as well as Task Feed such as arriving of task etc.
    • Enable to send notification email when a message is addressed to the person in Task Feed.
    • Enable to send notification email when somebody give “Good!” on your post.
    • Display Task Feed comment content on the notification Email.
    • Notify to control authorized person by email when a Task goes into error list.
  • Change from ‘Open New Window’ to normal to open the task execution URL contained in the e-mail notification.

Workflow Designer

System Administrator

  • Improved option of group specification in authorization adding screen, in [System authorization] and [Process authorization].
  • Unable to add user in duplicated user name.
  • Enable to specify user’s primary group in [Collective user Registration] with CSV.
  • Excepted “Log-out page URL” from indispensable in [Single Sign-on] setting.
  • Display by use of a file repository usage. (SaaS Edition)
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Stuck at confirmation screen when registering user collectively by specifying group, and a duplicate email address.

System Engineer

  • Enhanced error mail for failure of Message Throwing Intermediate Event (HTTP)
  • Enable to receive one parameter of “Date Time” not only in two parameters of “Date” and “Time” when receiving date type data in Message Start Event, etc.
  • Enable to confirm URL and parameter in Message start event or else, directly from [Process Model Detail] screen of editing version over hyperlink.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • When using Message Start / Throwing Intermediate Event, parameter of [title] is displayed on the [Process Model Detail] screen, even the [Subject] is configured forbid read/write.


Change in Environment
  • Upgraded to jQuery 1.6.4、jQuery UI 1.8.16、jQuery Mobile 1.0 RC1
  • Migrated to Flex4