v8.2.0 2011-12-05: Change log

Normal User


  • Renewed [Task Execute] screen design.
  • Improved input interface for User  type data item in  [Task Execute] screen for smart-phone.
  • Renewed display of Tasks and processes in workflow function for smart-phone.
  • Enable to confirm who has been offered the Task after [Task return].
  • Improved process chart display in [Process Detail] screen. (for IE)
  • Improved not to take time to draw process chart in [Process Detail] screen.
  • Improved sentences of notification email configured in [Notification : Workflow]
  • Changed link from ‘The first time log-in’ indicated in Log-in page.(Download Edition)
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Merging may not be completed in Process Model with split condition
    • At [Search Tasks] in [My Task Record], display of select box may be incorrect when certain marks are used in process model name.

Task Feed

  • Add search feature on messages and comments.
  • Supports smart-phone and tablet device for screen display of Task Feed.
  • Changed display of who gave [Good!] ; limit to 5 in icon indicate, number of total for more than 6.

Workflow Designer

  • Add Tutorial mode in the Process Modeler.
  • Added automatic numbering system for Sequence number in process model on each process start.
  • Support format specification when embedding ‘Process ID’ or ‘Sequence number’ for initial value of String type data item.
  • Enable altering with label click for setting Check-box and Radio button in [Allocation Rule] setting screen.
  • Change always display [members expected to be offered] button. If there is no appropriate member, the message will be displayed
  • Changed initial name of merging gateway from “Split” to “blank” in process chart.
  • Changed initial name of newly added data item in [Process Data Item] setting screen.
  • Changed the name of “Notice Mail” into “Alarm” in property of Task.
  • Improved the display of property setting screen in Message Throwing Intermediate Event (email)
  • Improved display and the contents of error messages in Process Modeler.
  • Support selecting category from existing categories of Process Model in [New Model] screen.
  • Added lists of categories, etc. in side menu of [Process Model Setting]. Enable to narrow display when click on it.
  • Enable to move to detail screen by clicking on process model in the state of error, displayed on the top in [Process Model List].
  • Changed display to users with [Process Model Editor  Authorization] only, to show process model in the state of error, displayed on the top in [Process Model List].

System Administrator

  • Support setting Password Policy.
  • Enable to move to detail screen by clicking on a user or a group in the state of error, displayed on the top in [User List] or [Group List].
  • Enable to download Process logs and System logs in CSV format.

System Engineer

  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Initial EL expression may be set as is in initial value when without subject despite the permission of subject is “Read / write”, in Message Start Event.
    • Process ID is not set in the process started by Message Start Event, though it is set in EL expression for initial value in ‘Subject’ and ‘Data Item’.


Change in Environment

  • Upgraded to jQuery Mobile 1.0
  • Support ChromeFrame (IE)