v8.4.0 2012-02-13: Synchronizing Org./Role Info with Org./Group of G Suite (formerly Google Apps)!

Date Release

Normal User : Workflow

  • Indicates the number of errors at side menu of [Workflow].
  • Improved on the display of the subject in [Task execution] screen which using HTML template.
  • Speeding  up display processing of the process diagram in the process details screen.
  • Displaying ‘HTTP’ and ‘Email’, the labels of Message Throwing Intermediate event in screen  for printing of [Process detail]. (IE6-8)
  • Displaying the value of Read / Write, though Select type (search select) is not available, in [Task executing] screen for smartphone.
  • Support HTML panel type in [Task executing] screen for smartphone.
  • Displays updating time at Google gadget for checking colleague’s (the other member of the same group) ‘My Tasks’.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Name of search criteria list display in side menu is not renewed when name of search criteria list has been changed.
    • Name of search criteria list in side menu has not been HTML escaped.
    • Displaying error message of [Data not found. It may have been deleted. ] when executing the Task in the position of deleted organization.
    • Improper English message when saving in [Task executing] screen for smartphone.
    • When the allocation rule of the swimlane which has the Start Event is ‘User who belongs to Role ‘A’, a user cannot select the position of organization ‘a’ when executing task even though the user has been added to the organization ‘a’.

Normal User : Task Feed (Enterprise Social Network)

  • Changed the design of notification email for Task Feed.

Workflow Designer

  • Display warning message when changing the sub-type into ‘Year / Month’ or ‘Month / Day’ after setting Date type (Year / Month / Day) in Task Deadline setting.
  • Display warning message when saving the process model which canceled the deletion of the Select type data item after deleting both of the Select type data item that using string type process data as its choice and the String type data item.
  • Improved display of [Offering user] in [Allocation rule setting] screen.
  • Changed screen size of property setting of Events.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Display may not match its setting of Task deadline.
    • ‘Read / Write’ permission remains ‘Read / Write’ even if the data item which permission is ‘Read / Write’ has been changed to HTML Panel type.

System Administrator

  • Support bulk registration of ‘Role’.
  • Changed sync target of organization to ‘Organization’ from ‘Group’ in sync with G Suite (formerly Google Apps).
  • Support synchronizing with Group of G Suite in bulk registration of ‘Role’.
  • Added Full CSV download feature in organization list and Role list.
  • Display processing mark during bulk registration / deletion of organization and  during adding / deleting belonging user.
  • The message of ‘processing takes time’ will not be displayed because improved processing speed of changing parent organization.
  • Once a Task has been offered to a user, Offered user will not be changed if the belonging to organization or to Role is changed.
  • Improved processing for recalculation of process starting user when changing organization and Role.
  • Output process log on Event processing except Start Event.

System Engineer

  • Providing API to clear cached information of Select type (HTTP) in server.
  • Make it an error when deleting oneself using User Management API.
  • Fixed the following Bugs
    • Correct error code may not entered in notification email when receiving error response in Message Throwing Intermediate Event.


  • Upgraded to jQuery UI 1.8.17、jQuery Mobile 1.0.1


  • The following spec change is schedule in the future.
    • The past data is changed when changing user name or organization name. (Due Ver. 8.5)