v8.4.1 2012-03-12: Accelerated Process Model Data Saving,etc.

Date Release

Normal User : Workflow

  • Accelerate processing of process data saving in Task execution and data editing in Process Detail.etc.
  • Speed-up processing of Process Detail screen.
  • Improved display of small Process Diagram to as it is.
  • At newly added ‘Notification: Workflow’ setting in user account setting, reduced choices for Task Feed to only “1 hour before Deadline”.

Normal User : Task Feed (Enterprise Social Network)

  • Changed to Notifications from Workflow Robot are not to be included in search result.

Workflow Designer

  • Accelerate processing of process data saving.
  • Improved problem in the Process Data Setting screen which Process data definition ID number can not be seen when the number is more than three digits, by displaying on tooltip.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Initial value setting may be  disabled when changing setting of “Decimal point, thousands separator” after ‘Process ID’ is set as initial value.
    • Dialog will be displayed at the position where [OK] button can not be seen when editing Rules of swimlane in the bottom in [Allocation Rule Setting] screen..

System Administrator

  • none

System Engineer

  • none.


  • The following spec change is schedule in the future.
    • The past data is changed when changing user name or organization name. (Due Ver. 8.5)