v8.5.0 2012-06-19: ‘Email Transmission Reservations’ and ‘Task Execution Reservations’ are Available by Timer Control in the middle of a Workflow

Date Release

Normal User : Workflow

  • In the Task Execution screen and Process detail screen, displays related Task Feed and enables to post Messages and Comments to it.
  • Improved to display an error message at the top when there is an input error during the task execution.
  • At the input of user type data, enable searching by user name or e-mail address.
  • In Numeric type data item, a data item that nothing is input is recognized as ‘0 (zero)’.
  • Format check became more strict on Date / Date Time type data items when data is received in the event and task execution.
  • validation check on range of Date type data, etc. are unified to normal form.
  • Enable to terminate Message Catching Intermediate Event and Timer Intermediate Event (appeared in 8.5) in Process Detail screen (Authorized).
  • A message will be displayed when Process data is not shown because of no Data Viewer authorization, in Process Detail screen (Authorized).
  • In Process detail screen, etc., revised data format of displaying Process diagram, to speed up displaying and to enhance security.
  • Speeding up Task processing speed by deleting the processing about the data type abolished in the past.
  • In customized form by editing HTML templates, deleted processing about the data type abolished in the past.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • When the URL of the task which is offered to users other than themselves, is entered directly, the Process Model name and the subject displayed even though they are not authorized.
    • In case that a Numeric type data item is referring the total number in Table type, then operate ‘Task execute -> Process detail -> Task execute’, the total number that is calculated at the first Task execution remains.
    • In the file attachment to the taskfeeds or to file type data, if “() +” or”space” is used on the file name, it will be downloaded and saved in the file name that are URL-encoded.
    • An error message of “Sorry Error Occurred” is displayed when trying to record start date time of a Task that is in the state of not able to be executed.
    • Improper message will be displayed when a User who doesn’t have Process Administrator authorization, tries to terminate a Process that is for User with authorization.
    • In Process search, even if specifying “Include” “(space)” to the search criteria of the String type / Discussion type / Select type / File type / data item, the search criteria will be ignored.
    • nput error doesn’t occur even if specifying a full-width space into the search condition of Numeric type data item at process Search.
    • In Process Search, the search condition for Select type data item, even if specifying value of choices is empty, the search result will not be proper.
    • When saving or updating the search criteria which name is using ‘+’, it will be saved as its name ‘+’ disappeared.
    • In some browser, if search criteria name or category name that appears in the side menu is too long, it will extends from the menu area, or be different in background color

Normal User : Task Feed (Enterprise Social Network)

  • Improved notification email of “You got Message”, message body to its Subject, and who posted it into its From.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • When displayed message is deleted by its author, ‘Message has been deleted’ message and the author’s icon are displayed out of alignment.
    • When displaying timeline to the right sidebar, increase in unnecessary access to the specific URL.
    • After focusing to the input area, then pressing the Tab key, the [File] link will not be displayed. (Firefox)

Workflow Designer

  • Added new item of BPMN, Timer intermediate Event.
  • (Not corresponding to Process Diagram Graph of Aggregation Functions)
  • Display “HTTP” label also on Message Start Event and Message Catching Intermediate Event.
  • Enable to set a separate arithmetic expression using the calculation result data, in setting to automatic calculation function of Numeric type data item.
  • Improved User Interface of initial value setting of Numeric type data item.
  • Change not to rewrite Task Deadline setting to ‘Not set’ automatically when altering sub-type in Date type data item that used in Task deadline setting.
  • In the process data setting screen, the number of displaying data items is changed to 20 in the initial state.
  • In the process data setting screen, when you change the page size of the list, the changed values is saved.
  • When Suspending a Process Model, running Processes that started on old version will also be target of termination.
  • Improved on displaying of authorized Users at Process Model detail screen and Process authorization setting screen.
  • Enlarged displaying of [Activate editing Version] button and [Edit] button in Process Model detail screen.
  • Speed up processing such as launching Process Modeler, by deleting unnecessary definitions related to abolished features and changed specification in the past, from process Model XML and Data base.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • In saving Timer Start Event property setting, try to save its repeat pattern is ‘Weekly’ and all the day of the week is Off, Process model is saved as Sunday is On.
    • [Remove this setting] button may not be displayed in property setting of Timer Start Event.
    • At property setting of Message throwing Intermediate Event, try to open the select box of embedding data after entering title and body, it opens only for a moment and then closes.
    • Even though more than one character is required to name of choices, choice that its name is empty can be created.
    • In the property setting screen of Swimlane, text display of allocation rule overlaps on the button to setting screen.
    • User Names may not be displayed in allocation rule to specific Users.
    • Version Details (process viewer) in the Process Model Details screen, configuration information can be manipulated with such as String type data.

System Administrator

  • When changing User names or Organization names, past record of the Workflow is changed as well.
  • Offered Tasks remain as is when the User is removed from the Organization.
  • Enable to perform setting change of allocation rule cross Process Models, such as ‘A Organization -> B Organization’.
  • As well as Organization name / Role name, distinguishing upper / lower case, names that only different in upper / lower case can be used on User name.
  • Enable to search by Process ID on Process logs.
  • Improved on contents of process logs, such as easier to know how the Process was started, by a User or by a Message or by timer.
  • Enable to distinguish login with Single Sign-on, in System Logs.
  • Added descriptions on Google Apps Connection setting screen.
  • Google Apps Connection feature become available without OAuth consumer secret setting. Entry for ‘OAuth consumer secret’ is removed from the Google Apps Connectivity setting.
  • Changed available option on identification (ID-password entry) screen to register Third-party applications. (OAuth transmission configuration)
  • Fixed following Bugs.
    • Unnecessary Task Allocation May be Demanded at User Deletion
    • In the result of deleting belonging to Organization and Role, even if there is only one User to offer a certain task, the task is not assigned automatically to that User.
    • OAuth access token cannot be acquired at login with single sign-on

System Engineer

  • Fixed following Bugs.
    • When Transmitting File Type Data to Parameter in Message Start Event, Path to Temporary File is stored.
    • When invalid value is specified in search condition for Date type / Date time type / User type data in Process Search API, search result includes it, even the condition has been ignored.
    • Returns Error 400, when invalid value is specified in search condition for Numeric type data in Process Search API.


  • Upgraded to Tomcat 7 (Customized Edition).
  • Upgraded to jQuery 1.7.2, jQuery Mobile 1.1.0.
  • Changed to OAuth 1.0a from OAuth 1.0 using in Google Apps Connectivity.
  • Fixed following Bugs.
    • Pop-up notification on the same Task may be displayed twice in Chrome Extension.


  • The following spec change is scheduled in the future.
    • Totally redesign Process Aggregation and Task Aggregation features. (Ver.8.7)

Update : Jun. 11, 2012