Ver.9.0 2012-08-21: Supports Auto-Processing which Makes Your Business more Efficient,such as PDF Auto-Generation.

Automatically Cenerated in the middle of Workflow
Business Process Started by 'Email Arrival'

Date Release

Normal User : Workflow

  • Changed Task Execution screen.
  • Added [Process Status] button on the Task Execute screen to show Process Diagram.
  • Function of [Started process] became official.
  • Added a new option to Workflow notification function, that notifies periodic alert in specified time interval after the deadline.
  • Added a Google Gadget which is Process Diagram Graph displaying overlaid aggregate values in a process diagram. (labs、Chrome/Firefox/Safari)
  • Improved English messages. (details omitted)
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • In the Task execution screen, name of choice in select type data hangs out from the display area (select box) if it is long.
    • In the Task execution screen, aggregation results will not be displayed if ‘Grouping’ setting was modified in display option for Table type data item.
    • In the Task execution screen for smart phones, message of ‘You Saved Successfully’ indicated on Save does not vanish automatically.
    • In Process Models with process Splitting and Merge, when one of the process is ‘terminated at Task deadline’ the other Process is stuck at Merging gateway.
    • Value of select type column used in Table type data are not copied when Starting Process Reusing Data which has processed with old version Process Model.

Normal User : Task Feed (Enterprise Social Network)

  • Support address complement when entering Mention (@user name, %group name) in Task Feed for smart phone.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Comments posted to conversation that is not on Timeline (indicated by search, etc.) are not displayed on Timeline of who made the comments.
    • Server Connection Failure may occur when using Google Chrome extension of ‘You Got Task’.
    • Some part of display layout of Task Feed feature may not be properly in Google Chrome 21.0.

Workflow Designer

  • Added ‘Service Task (PDF Generation)’ which automatically generates PDF documents that has been inserted Business Data. (SaaS Edition)
    (Not corresponding to Process Diagram Graph of Aggregation Functions)
  • Added ‘Message Start Event (Email)’ which starts Process triggered by email receiving. (SaaS Edition)
    (Not corresponding to Process Diagram Graph of Aggregation Functions)
  • Added ‘Service Task (Data Assignment)’ which automatically calculates Numeric type data.
    (Not corresponding to Process Diagram Graph of Aggregation Functions)
    • Numeric type (Official), Subject type / String type / Datetime type / Date type (labs)
  • Added a function of automatic recording that allocated user to User type data, and finished time to Datetime type data at the time the Task is finished.
  • Extended to 256 characters in character limit of the process subject.
  • Enhanced the error checking when Process data item setting such as an arithmetic expression of numeric data.
  • Support bulk copying ‘Name of choices’ to ‘Value of choices’ in Choice setting screen on Select type data.
  • Displays an Error message when [Choice name] or [Choice value] is empty in [Choice setting screen] for Select type data item.
  • Disabled auto insertion when setting minimum or maximum value in String type or  Numeric type, into [Description] field in [Design] of Process data item setting.
  • In the Process Diagram setting screen, changed display of warning mark to display an error message in the upper right corner of the item.
  • Added a new feature of managing ‘File of PDF Template’ or ‘Choice definition file’ in Process Model setting.
  • Faster processing activate / Resume of the Process Model.
  • Changed the name of [HTML Panel] to [Guide Panel], [HTML Template] to [Advanced layout].
  • Fixed following Bugs

System Administrator

System Engineer

  • None


  • Upgraded to jQuery Mobile 1.1.1.


  • The following spec change is scheduled in the future.
    • Redesign the Task aggregation Process aggregation functions, overall replace. (Coming Autumn)
  • We are going to close support for ‘Internet Explorer 6 & 7’ of a supported browser in the operating environment.
    • SaaS Edition : Support until December 2012.
    • Download Edition : Support until the next version release. (Coming Winter)