v9.1.0 2012-09-19: Auto-Data-Setting is Now Available on Date/Datetime/String Type Data

Date Release

Normal User : Workflow

  • Enhanced the search criteria specification, such as enabling to specify the relative conditions In the search process.
    • Enabled to specify conditions using [Me] in User type, [today] in Date type, [now] in Datetime type data item.
    • Enable to search on only Date, without time in Datetime type data item.
  • Enabled to sort the result of Task search by the Task name.
  • Limited the search target to “the value of the choices” in Process search for Select type data items which choices have been set by other than “Specify choices via HTTP”.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • [Description] is displayed on Task execution screen, even if the subject is “read”.
    • The first blank line is lost when there is a blank line at the beginning of String type data (multiple lines) when you open the task execution screen that you have permission to “read / write”.
    • It becomes an error setting a user who has long email address into user type data item at Task execution, even though e-mail addresses of the users can register up to 256 characters.
    • Input interfaces of Select type data (select-box) become wider in Task execution screen that is used ‘Advanced Layout’.
    • In the case that permission to String type data is “read/write”, Task execution screen for smartphones may not be displayed because the string that includes HTML tags is not processed correctly on.
    • An appropriate error message is not displayed when the file repository limit exceeded on Task execution screen for Smartphone.
    • Even when the name of a Service Task is blank, it displays the names in ‘Operation History and Current Status’ of Process Detail screen ‘CALCULATION’ and ‘PDF generation service task’.
    • Java Script errors in screen for printing of Process Detail.
    • Save button on data editing screen for the authorized editor is left-aligned, even Execution buttons on the task execution screen have been put in centered.
    • A process unexpectedly can be started when doing [Start Process & Reuse these data]  on the process with File type data item, in spite of exceeding the limit of the file repository.
    • The file size is not set by the processing file copy when doing [Start Process & Reuse these data] on the process with File type data item.
    • Unnecessary horizontal dotted line that indicates the total number of the tasks appears on Google Gadget of Process Diagram Graph.

Normal User : Task Feed (Enterprise Social Network)

  • none

Workflow Designer

  • Officially supports using in Date, Datetime, String type data and subject, in ‘Service Task (Data assignment)’.
    • Can set up “Values which can be used as a processing result of the process data items” such as ‘fixed value’, ‘Process ID’, ‘Process sequence number’, or “formula that uses the value of the other data items”.
  • Enabled to handle each part of date and time independently of datetime type data.
  • Enabled  specifying ‘Process ID (#processInstanceId)’,  ‘Process sequence number (#processInstanceSequenceNumber)’ etc., without Format Function.
  • Excluded items other than those received in Event from validation checks in ‘Message Start Event (email)’.
  • Improved on error notification email for ‘Message Start Event’.
    • Added users who have control authorization for corresponding Process model to the destination of the notifications. If the Process model can not be identified, sent to the user of system administrator authorization.
    • Describes in more detail about the error. If there are attachments, attach them to the error notification e-mail.
  • Enabled setting the automatic message to the task feed at the completion of processing the task to post or not, on each process model.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Japanese words may not be displayed correctly in To/ Cc of error notification email for ‘Message Start Event’.
    • The URL described in the error notification email would be incorrect when the file does not exist at the URL which begins with http (https) specified to ‘URL of the PDF form as the template’.
    • The error will not be notified and the process will not be progress when the limit of the file repository is exceeded as the result of processing ‘Service Task (PDF generation)’.
    • The name of the file that is leading or trailing spaces can be registered at registration of system files.
    • The line break and Space at the top and at the end is removed.
    • When the expression in numeric type data refers to the aggregate value in the table type, may not work properly  such as ‘the expression does not return to the original when cancel the deletion after deleting the Numeric type data’.
    • On Process detail screen, the entire of Memo, etc. in process data items may not be shown because display does not scroll.

System Administrator

  • None

System Engineer

  • None


  • Upgraded to jQuery 1.8.1 from1.7.2, jQuery UI1.8.23 from 1.8190.


  • The following spec change is scheduled in the future.
    • Redesign process aggregate functions tasks aggregate functions, replacing entirely. (coming Autumn)
  • We will end support for the “Internet Explorer 6 and 7” among enabled browser described in the operating environment.
    • SaaS Edition: Support until Dec. 2012
    • Download Edition: Support until the nexdt version release

Last modified : Sep. 12, 2012