v9.2.0 2012-11-13: Enhansed on Search Function and Aggregation Function

Date Release


Normal User : Workflow

  • Renewal on Task search functions and Aggregation function beneath [your Task Record].
    • Enabled to search targeting Process Data.
    • Enabled to search specifying Task (Node).
    • Enabled to search Tasks that is allocated to other Users if  the searcher have concerned to the Process.
    • Enabled to Download the search result in CSV format.
    • Added chart overlaid on a process diagram to display the progress of each task (labs)
      • On IE6-8, the overlay charts would not be indicated. Only the Process chart will be indicated.
    • Added pie chart indicating the number of Tasks completed in this month and the last month.
    • Added a bar chart indicating the number of tasks completed by month.
    • Abolished the Quick search feature and task aggregate functions of Ver.9.1, or earlier.
  • Deleted the Number of tasks completed (this month) gadget and the number of   weekly tasks completion gadget from Google gadgets.
  • Filenames on the file to be attached to File type data are limited to 200 characters.
  • For the attachment to File type data and to Task Feed, the length of content-type is limited.
  • Changed the interface for specifying File type data item to let the user select a file immediately, in Task execution screen.
    • Multiple file upload are available with Firefox and Chrome.
  • Enabled to distinguish between the Type of Message Throwing Intermediate Event (HTTP / email) which is untitled, at the recording of Process and the current state of processing in the Process detail screen.
  • Changed the interface of [Start a new Process with these data], to identify the first Task.
  • Because the string of “(copy)” will be added to the beginning of “Subject” when reusing  data, and if it exceeds the character limit (256 characters), the  excess will be cut off.
  • Fixed following Bugs


Normal User : Task Feed (Enterprise Social Network)

  • Changed the icon of Workflow Robot to ‘Quessy’.
  • Enabled to post with a space at the beginning of a line of text as it is.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • File button and link button is in a vertical arrangement, in the posting screen. (Chrome 22)
    • The dialog box does not appear when pressing the Delete button on the post. (IE 6)
    • The screen display of Task feed and Task execution screen that can display Task  feed  is slow. (IE 6/7)


Workflow Designer

  • Enabled to set Process Model ID or Process Model name as the initial value of Numeric type data or String type data.
  • In the setting screen for ‘Message Throwing Intermediate Event (HTTP)’,  enable to verify the setting of ‘Message Start Event’ or ‘Message Throwing Intermediate Event’ of other Process Model.
  • Enabled to choose a Process Data item to be described in the field from select box.
  • Added a button to display the manual, in ‘Service Task (data assignment)’ setting screen.
  • Added a message of ‘To use it, you need to enable the function in the system settings screen’ in the setting screen of ‘Message Start Event (email)’.
  • Set the limit of available Process Model size to ‘Number of Swimlanes: 50’, ‘the number of Tasks, Event : 150’, ‘the number of Process Data Items : 300’.
    • The Process Model which has created with ver.9.1or earlier can be used as it is if it is beyond the limit, but no more Items or Tasks can be added.
  • Indicating errors on the tab menu in Process Modeler to tell in which screen the error is occurring.
  • Improve the operability by reviewing the timing of error checking to the server from the process modeler.
  • Indicating icon for auto posting to Task Feed in Process Model detail screen.
  • Including file attachment in the error notification email of ‘Message Start Event’.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Automatic Calculation May Not Work on Imported Process Archive that Created with Previous Version
    • Deleting [User Type Data Item] Specified in Allocation Rule, the Process Model cannot be Saved
    • The validation check on the expression of Numeric type data item will not judge as an error when deleting a data item that being referred by the expression.
    • When changing the order of numeric items in the Table type data item after describing arithmetic expression which relating calculation of numeric items defined in Table type, the expression becomes invalid because the referenced item has been changed.
    • When try to select data items in [Service Task (data assignment)] setting screen, the select box will be grayed out if the Process model has been defined only data item of ‘Subject’.
    • As well as ‘Message Start Event (HTTP)’, URL and parameter of the [Message Start Event (email)] is indicated in the process Model detail screen of latest version.
    • In [Message Start Event] property screen in the Process Model detail, [Copy to clipboard] button on Process Start Address is not clickable.
    • A Process Model without Data item, or Task or Event (just been created) can be activated.
    • Variants in English expression in ‘Message Throwing Event’ and ‘Message Catching Intermediate Event’.
    • At setting value in String type data in ‘Service Task (data assignment)’, if the result of evaluation to the expression is ’empty’, the value will not be updated.


System Administrator

  • None


System Engineer

  • None



  • Upgraded to Java 7 from 6.
  • Upgraded to jQuery 1.8.2 from 1.8.1.
  • Update the settings for the “You’ve got task” Chrome extension.
  • Changed the supported operating environment.
    • Excluded from support for Safari, added Chrome on the Mac OS to be supported.
    • Support for iPhone/iPad is changed to iOS6.0 from iOS5.1.
    • Added  ‘Connection to Internet’ as requirement. (Download Edition)
    • See the operating environment page for the details of support.




  • The following spec change is scheduled in the future.
    • Redesign process aggregate functions tasks aggregate functions, replacing entirely.
    • We have renewed the aggregation function for the Normal Users. We will renew the aggregation function for the administrators in the future.
  • We will end support for the “Internet Explorer 6 and 7” among enabled browser described in the operating environment.
    • SaaS Edition: Support until Dec. 2012
    • Download Edition: Support until the nexdt version release (due to 2Q in 2013).



Last modified : Nov. 12, 2012