v9.3.0 2012-12-17: Comparison between Data Items in Split Condition

Date Release


Normal User : Workflow

  • Enabled search on all Processes which permitted to browse in a single interface.
    • Integrated the Search function for the general Users and for the Authorized Users such as Data Viewer.
    • Displaying the icons of authorized when specifying a Process Model
    • On the Menu to switch Process Search and Task Search.  (as well as Ver9.2)
  • In the process model that owns the control authority, etc.,
    • Added  charts to display the progress of a process diagram overlaid on each task.
    • Added  bar charts that display the number of completed processes of the month.
    • Abolished Aggregate function (graph) was available until Ver.9.2.
  • Extended to allow a search by specifying the Process ID for general employees as well.
  • Provided a dedicated interface for choosing a Process Model in Process search.
  • In My Tasks / Offered task, displays a link to the Advanced Tasks Search screen that equivalent conditions are specified.
  • Changed the name of the state of the Process / Task
    • [Running > (remain the same)], [Completed > (remain the same)], [Terminated > (remain the same)]
    • [Offered > (remain the same)],  [Allocated > (remain the same)], [Operating > (remain the same)], [Operated > Finished], [Terminated > Failed]
  • Changed Side Menu
  • Abolish the Google gadget of Process diagram graph that the aggregate value displayed over on a Process diagram.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    •  The icon on “Message Start Event (e-mail)” in the Process diagram that appears in the detail screen, etc. is “HTTP”.
    • The error message that uploading over 100MB will not be displayed on Task Execution screen.
    • Spaces may be inserted in the file that attached in ‘Message Start Event (Email)’ which name is long and containing Japanese words.


Normal User : Task Feed (Enterprise Social Network)

  • Displaying the contents of the file attachment error.

Workflow Designer

  • As well as the Process data definition number, the node number to be determined at the creation (such as at placement of a Task).
    • The same node number as the original Process model will be given when Duplicating a Process model and, or in the Export / Import Process archive.
  • Process data definition number will be given  the smaller number possible.
  • Enabled to move to the setting screen other data items by clicking on ‘Layout’ displayed in [Design] setting screen, at Process data item setting.
  • Improve the interface of the transmission parameter setting on “Message Throwing Intermediate Event (HTTP)”
  • One value of Process data can be transmitted in multiple parameters.
  • In the Split conditional expression, ‘Equal’ and ‘Not Equal’ can be specified on String type data.
  • Enabled “comparison between Process data” on Numeric /String type data in the Split conditional expression.
  • Modified the specification to evaluate the conditional expression is true when conditional expression of numeric data” is specified “Not Equal, there is no input to the data (blank / null).
    • Previously, it had been evaluated the condition as “false” with Ver9.2 or earlier. For the conditions already set to operate properly, data conversion will be performed after the specifications change.
  • In the process modeler, to the contents of the error be recognized the immediately, changed the timing of error checking and display of some error.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Process data item being deleted has been still being displayed on the screen of the layout verification / design setting.hend.


System Administrator

  • None


System Engineer

  • About Workflow APIs, [Querying for all Task records (/API/PIM/Workitem/list)] and [Querying for all Process Instances records (/API/PIM/ProcessInstance/list)] will be abolished and be alternated by the following APIs in the future.
    • /API/PIM/Workitem/list => /API/OR/Workitem/list
    • /API/PIM/ProcessInstance/list => /API/OR/ProcessInstance/list



  • Fixed following Bugs
    • In “You’ve got task” (Chrome browser extension), Tasks that is not Offered or allocated will be notified.




  • We have changed the following specifications in ver. 9.2 and ver. 9.3
    • Redesigned Process Aggregation functions and Tasks Aggregation functions, replaced entirely.
      • Aggregation functions for general Users on ver. 9.2.
      • Aggregation functions for Authorized Users ver. 9.3.
    • We are going to continue to improve in the future, and we would be gtratefull if you would have posted your requests about Aggregation function (graph) in “UserVoice“.
  • We will end support for the “Internet Explorer 6 and 7″ among enabled browser described in the operating environment.
    • SaaS Edition: Support until Dec. 2012
    • Download Edition: Support until the nexdt version release (due to spring 2013).



Last modified : Dec. 14, 2012