v9.3.1 2013-01-21: Capable of Flexible Conditions Specification on Search Using the API

Date Release

Normal User : Workflow

Normal User : Task Feed (Enterprise Social Network)

  • Fixed following Bugs
    • When displaying a list of topics associated with the process on the main screen, the link to [Details] is wrong.

Workflow Designer

  • none/li>

System Administrator

  • none

System Engineer

  • Enable to specify the search criteria with XML format in ‘Search for task processing history (/API/OR/Workitem/list)’ of APIs for Developer, as well as ‘Searched for history of all processes (/API/OR/ProcessInstance/list)’.
    • Conventional ‘option’ parameter is deprecated.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • At “Querying for all Process Instances records”, when XML that specifies the conditions is invalid (validation error), the response content is incorrect.


  • After Version 9.3, we will end support for “Internet Explorer 6/7” on the browser list in System Requirement.
  • Start support for “Internet Explorer 9” on and after Version 9.4.0.


Last modified: 2013-01-15