v9.4.0 2013-03-18: Adding Sticker Feature to Enterprise Social Network (Task Feed)

Date Release

Normal User : Workflow

  • From Search Box on the top, not only “Process ID”, also “Subject” can be the search condition.
    • Searches for “Process ID” when “numerics” or “numerics with p” are entered.
    • Other than the above, searches for “Subject”.
  • Hide the [Update] button which was indicated on the detail screen of result of search by Process ID.
  • Integrated Process Detail screen for Task handler and for administrator.
    • Switching the operable buttons depending on the allocation or Authorization.
    • Available to [Start a new Process with these data] even in a process that  the User has not involved in Task processing, if the User is authorized.
  • For Process Data Viewer, all of the Process Data Items are shown on the Process Detail screen for Smartphone.
  • In “Running process”, displays the number of each Process Model in a pie chart.
    • [Running Process] become official feature from labs.
  • In “Running Process” and in “Your performance”, hiding the bar chart at the top when displaying Process Detail screen.
  • Search criteria that can be shared will be taken over when switching Process search to Task search.
    • Take over the search criteria about the attributes of the process (the subject, state of the process) and about Process Data.
    • Not take over the search criteria about the attributes of the Task (e.g. Deadline date).
  • Speeding up the processing of Process search /Task search when Process Data Items are included in Filter.
  • Able to Star on the Process Model in the result list of searches by the Process Model in Process search /Tasks Search.
  • Not the Authorization Icons on the title of the search result, turn into ‘click-able’ when mouse over.
  • Indication of the Subject which has no title, is changed from (untitled Process) to (untitled).
  • Change the names of Process search / Task search to “Display at the level of Process”/”Display at the level of Tasks”
  • Changed the login screen for Smartphone
  • German is added in languages. (labs)
  • Added [Authorization] in Account Setting to see the holding administrator Authorization/Process Authorization.
  • Displaying the address of ‘Notification emails will be sent from’ in Notification setting in Account Setting.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Swimlanes may be Displayed Overlaid
    • Can not upload attachments when opened the Task operating screen multiple times which URL is not change. (Firefox)
    • Choice name does not wrap properly in Select type data (Radio button/Checkbox) (Firefox)
    • “Clear all”  for the checkbox does not work in [Start] screen.
    • Chosen position is different (mostly Main Organization) when re-opening the Task operating screen after choosing the position and Save and Quit, if [Advanced Layout] is set in the Process.
    • Display layout may collapse when ‘the Subject is the only data to display’ and ‘the column setting is other than one-column’.
    • In [Running Process], Process chart and Task list is not displayed on the Process Models which the User has the Administrator Authorization and not involve the Task handling.
    • Cannot see the letters well on the graph in a process chart, in [Running Process].

Normal User : Task Feed (Enterprise Social Network)

  • Add Sticker feature which helps to express how you are feeling.
    • Displaying only on Smartphone screen
  • Moved the search form from left side to page top.
  • Available to post even if the body of the post is blank, if attachment, Sticker or Link are on it.
  • Attachment and Link can also be informed in notification email.

Workflow Manager

  • Available to save search condition also on Task search.
  • Available to save sort information also when saving search condition.
  • Available to download each search result in CSV from the search condition list (Others in side menu).
  • Added a graph of average finishing time of Processes by Month on [Organizational Performance].
  • Graph on Process model that shows number of processed/ average processing time by Task is displayed when specifying a Process Model in [Organizational Performance].

Workflow Designer

  • Change the default display of Process Model list to “Authorized” in Process Model Setting.
  • ‘Comparison of between process data’ in conditional expression of Split condition, available also on Date/Datetime type data.
  • Can Star the Process Models in Process Model Detail screen and in Process Authorization Setting screen.
  • Scroll bar stays in size when scaling in Process Modeler.
  • In conditional expression setting screen of Split condition, swapped the position of Data Selection and Condition selection.
  • Can display Three digits Process data definition number in Process Data Setting screen.

System Administrator

  • Added status of System Authorization/ Process Authorization on detail screen of individual User in User List in System Setting.

System Engineer


  • End support for IE 6/ IE7. Start supporting for IE 9/ IE10.
  • Support only for High Strength Ciphers in SSL processing. (SaaS Edition)
  • Upgraded ExtJS from Ver. 3.4 to Ver. 4.1.
  • Upgraded PostgreSQL from Ver. 9.0 to Ver.9.2.


  • We will end our support Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8 that is listed in System Requirement at the same time Microsoft ends their support for Windows XP (schedule to 2014.04.08).

 Last modifyed 2013.03.11