v9.6.0 2013-06-17: Task for Auto-File- Saving to Goole Drive

Date Release

Normal User : Workflow

  • Messages be shown on [Operate Task] screen when posted to Task Feed.
  • Added [Refresh] button on [process Detail] screen.
  • Enable to Save and Share list of search criteria, for normal users.
    • Need “Data Viewer Authorization” for some search criteria that include process Data Items as filtering or displaying
  • Search on Stars is available on Task Search.
  • Enable Task Search and process Search, to taking over Search condition as much as possible when target Process Model has been modified.
  • On a screen displaying the graph in a process chart, the target Task is shown when narrowed by particular Task.
  • In [your performance] and [Organizational Performance], the target period is shown when narrowed Tasks by specific time period (the time of Ended).
  • Available to Import profile image for G Suite (formerly Google Apps) to User icon (SaaS Edition)
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Texts in Subject of ‘Message Start Event (email)’ may garbled.
    • Error message is not shown at occurrence of error such as timeout in Ajax communication in Process Detail screen.
    • Tasks in the list are not marked as read when just after the start Process, or when opened from external link such as notification email.
    • When opening Search Condition for Process and Tasks which is filtered with ‘Process Start Organization’, Mandatory error is shown despite of Organization is selected.
    • When directly typing URL of Process Termination function, basic information about the process (process model name, subject, status and Start user) is displayed on Error screen to users who are not authorized.
    • System error occurs when saving search condition in [Started Processes].
    • When Numeric data is defined with expression, the display of After the decimal point may not be correct on Task Operation screen which uses [Advanced Layout].
      • Data recorded at Task operation is correct.
    • Javascript Error occurs and Process Diagram is not displayed on Process Detail screen when clicking on the [Process Deatail] button, if defined Numeric data with expression in Task Operational screen using [Advanced Layout].

For Smartphone

Normal User : Task Feed (Enterprise Social Network)

  • Added 20 new [Sticker] in one group
  • Change the display to ‘stepwise’ on Post that is commented many.
  • Notification Message from Workflow will be automatically deleted after specific time.

for Smartphone

  • Sticker is now available for Smartphone

Workflow Manager

  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Error occurrence at ‘Message Start Event (email)’ may not notified properly. (Failure in decoding on Subject)

Workflow Designer

  • Added ‘Service Task (Google Drive)’. (SaaS Edition)
  • In the Process Modeler, changed the way how to add Process Data Item, and enabled to specify Data type when adding.
  • Enabled to set Process Model ID/ Process Model name into initial value of Numeric/ Text type data.
  • Not only the Fixed Strings, but also Variables are available for the API key in ‘Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)’ to call ‘Message Start Event (HTTP)’ or ‘Message Catching Intermediate Event (HTTP)’.
    • Only available when calling Events in the same server (use environment)
  • Improved the interface for setting deadline in Date type/ Datetime type data item in Task’s Property.
  • Alarm feature in Task property is scheduled to be deprecated in the future.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • System error occurs when editing the Process Sequential number and save it with blank in ‘The next number after reset’.
    • Drop-down list is displayed for a moment when selecting User/ Organization in the Allocation rule setting screen in the Process Modeler.
    • Message of Transmission Error is shown when clicking down on the Submit button of Discussion type data in Task preview screen if it uses [Advanced Layout].

System Administrator

  • none

System Engineer

  • Added the following APIs to Monitoring API < Workflow API < ApIs for Developer
    • Reallocating Task (/API/PIM/Workitem/reallocate)
    • Terminating Process (/API/OR/ProcessInstance/stop)
    • Deleting Process (/API/PIM/ProcessInstance/delete)
  • Search for Starred is available in API Querying for Task (/API/OR/Workitem/list)
  • Sorting by ‘The deadline/ Allocated user/ Task name’ is available in API Querying for Task (/API/OR/Workitem/list)
  • Modified Error response when accessing ‘message Start Event (HTTP)’ in Process Model which is paused.

Use Environment/ System Platform

  • Upgraded jQuery to 1.9.1 fro 1.8.1.
  • Upgraded jQuery UI to 1.10.2 from 1.8.23.
  • Upgraded jQuery Mobile to 1.3.1 from 1.3.0.


  • We will end support for Windows XP/ Internet Explorer 8 among available Operating Systems/ Browsers described in System Requirement, at the same time Microsoft ends support for Windows XP.


Last modified: 2013-06-12