v9.7.0 2013-10-07: Added Organization Type, Enhanced Automation and External Connection

Date Release

Normal User : Workflow

  • Changed the name of buttons in the side menu: [Offered Tasks]->[Offered], [Error Tasks]->[Error]
  • Made displaying the Process Detail screen to be the same layout (column format) as on Task operating screen.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Display Collapses when Clicking on [Record Start Tome] Button
    • ‘Associated Task Feed’ is not displayed in the Task Operation screen that indicates Input Error.
    • File type data (Image file) that have been uploaded from native browser in Android 4.1 cannot be previewed in other terminal device or other browser.

Normal User : Task Feed (Enterprise Social Network)

  • none

Workflow Designer

[Process Diagrm: Task/Event]

  • Added ‘Message Start Event (form)’ (labs)
    • Enable for Users who do not have a Questeta account to input data through published Web form.
    • Do not support for User type/ Organization type/ Discussion type. Currently not for File type.
  • Added ‘Script Task’ (labs)
    • Feature for engineers in which ECMA Script can be described.
    • As well as ‘Service Task (data assignment)’, overwriting (updating) Process data.
    • Data reference/ update, bulk updating multiple data, updating Table type data, updating by condition, data analysis is available.
  • Improved ‘Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)’
    • Enabled to embed Process data, etc. into ‘Access URL’.
    • ‘Access URL’ to be a required field. (Error occurs if was not entered.)
    • Enable to describe ‘Access URL’ using variables of Use environmental URI, when transmitting the request to Event on the same server.
      • You can use imported Business template (Process Archive) that includes Process connection within the same server, without modifying the Access URL.
    • Enabled to receive Response and to save it as Process data.
      • Response data can be saved in either of ‘String type (multiple lines)’ or ‘File type’ when the processing is Proper.
      • Enabled to save Error in ‘String type (multiple lines)’ data item. By using together with Conditional Split, you can detect failure of processing event.
    • GET and POST (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) are now available, besides POST (multipart/form-data) for HTTP Request method.
      • Attachment in the file type cannot be transmitted on GET and POST (application/x-www-form-urlencoded). Only the File name be sent.
    • HTTP Response Code: Modified to record 200’s as ‘Succeed’ in processing the event.
  • Expanded data types that can be specified in the destination (To, CC) of ‘Throwing Message Intermediate Event (Email)’
    • Enabled to embed multiple line data in ‘String type (multiple line)’ as multiple email addresses
      • You can specify ‘To/ CC addresses’ that you got in ‘Message Start Event’ as they are, into the destination.
    • Enabled to embed multiple ‘value of choice’ that has selected in ‘Select type (checkbox)’ data.
  • Response of ‘Message Start Event (HTTP)’ include the Process ID of the started Process.
  • Improved ‘Service Task (data assignment)’
    • Enabled to embed ‘Process Model ID/ Process Model Name/ Process Start User/ Process Start Organization’ into Subject/ String type data item.
    • You can select from the list and embed the items above and an expression to specify the Process Id.
    • Enabled to embed [Process Start Date/time] in Date type data item.
    • Enabled to embed [Date/time type data] into Date type data item, and vice versa.
  • Disabled to save file if the file size of generated PDF file exceeded 100 MB in ‘Service Task (PDF generation)’. (The Process moves forward as failed)

[Process data items/Split condition]

  • Added ‘Organization type’ data item.
    • Enabled to specify organization type data by data specifying in Allocation rule setting.
    • Each Start/ Intermediate Event, and Service Task supports Organization type data item.
      • In ‘Throwing Message Intermediate Event’, as well as User type data item, you can embed in destination of the email, and it will be sent to the Organization’s email address.
    • Enabled to insert the allocated Organization to Organization type data item in automatic recording at Task completion.
    • Enabled to use Organization type data item for search in Serach function (Process search/ Tasks searh).
  • Improved initial value setting in Subject/String type data Item.
    • Enabled to set Process Start Organization.
    • Installed Select List that helps to input expression (variable) for the process ID etc.
  • Changed the names of ‘Choice Value’ and ‘Choice Name’ in Choice setting of Select type data item, to ‘Choice ID’ and ‘Label’.
  • In [specify by String type data] in Choice Setting of Select type data item, enabled to specify ‘Choice ID’ and ‘Label’ separately with different String type data items.
  • Improved the Error message on defined expression in Numeric type data items, when Circular reference occurred.
  • Enabled to duplicate a Process data Item in Process data item setting screen.
  • Improved [Design] setting screen in Process data item setting.
    • Changed to Full screen from Pop-up screen.
    • Enable to sort.
    • Enable to set column layout setting of multiple Process data items in a batch.
  • Enabled to specify ‘Subject’ as a comparison in a Condition setting in the Split Condition setting.


  • Provides a screen to explain the Process Model (Business manual) for Task Operator (Normal Worker).
    • Post that associated with Process Model to Task Feed is now available. Displays Task Feed that is related to Business Manual.
      • This supports communication between Workflow designers and Task operators which leads to Business improvement.
  • Changed the file names which will be given at the time of [Export Archive] to include the Process Model name.
  • User icon is displayed next to the User name of Create User in Process Model Detail screen.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Error may Occur in Importing Process Archive Made by Ver. 5.3 or earlier.
    • Incorrect behavior in [System File] > [Process Model Setting].
      • Database error will be indicated and the screen display will be broken when the name of the file to be uploaded is too long.
      • Screen goes blank when you try to upload files larger than 100MB.
        • => An error will occur when the size of uploading file is more than 100MB.
    • Cannot save the process model which control characters had been inserted when editing unintentionally.
      • => Modified to automatically erase control characters included in Process Model XML for server transmission when saving.
    • Incorrect behavior in [New Model from Archive] setting screen.
      • Selected items may not be displayed when a required unentered error occurs.
      • Unwanted messages are displayed when a required unentered error occurs. [IE8/IE9]
    • Unintended ‘Users/Organizations’ will be set when you finish Allocation rule setting with ‘Users/Organizations’ specification while you did not select ‘Users/Organizations’.
    • Cannot confirm a table field of table type data whether it is a subject of the “Aggregation”, in Version Detail screen in Process Model Detail.

System Administrator

  • Modified to record the manipulations of [Edit Data] in Process Detail screen into [Process Log].

System Engineer

  • Modified to distinguish ‘invalid XML error’ from ‘disparity to table type data definition error’, in Table type data in ‘Message Start Event (HTTP)’.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Table type data in ‘Message Start Event’, columns in the line of aggregate that is not defined to aggregate values of numeric type data items allow to enter arbitrary data.

Use Environment/ System Platform

  • Corrected SSL warning indication appears in the Address bar of [Chrome] browser when displaying Flash utilized screen (such as Process Model Detail/ Editing).
  • Unify time-out value of Ajax communication to 180 seconds.


  • We will end support for Windows XP/ Internet Explorer 8 among available Operating Systems/ Browsers described in System Requirement, at the same time Microsoft ends support for Windows XP.