v9.8 2014-01-20: Data Transmission Using OAuth 2.0 and Basic Authentication

Date Release

Normal User : Workflow

  • Added category filtering for Process Models that are available on the side menu.
  • Fixed not to change the Url of Starting Process when upgrading the Process Model.
  • Improved the error message on input error in Table type data.
  • Enable to select from list of choice that is specified ‘via HTTP’ in specifying search condition of Select type data item, instead of typing texts.
  • Displaying both icon and status name at specifying ‘state of Process/ Task’ in search condition.
  • Adjusted the style and layout of screen for Printing of Process Details.
  • Enable to release narrow-down which is made by clicking on the graph in ‘Your performance’, etc., by re-clicking.
  • Enable to [Delete] a Process that is allowed to [Terminate] at Process Detail.
  • Speed up the processing of displaying the My Tasks list.
  • Indicating ‘Role’ in [Account Setting].
  • Removed [Add to iGoogle] button in [Google Gadget] in [Account Setting]
  • Improved ‘You’ve Got Task’, the Google Chrome Extension.
    • Fixed the problem of connecting processing is not completed in Chrome v31 (v0.2.9.23500, 2014-01-5)
    • Enhanced the error processing in server when the OAuth token is invalidated.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Error occurs when upgraded Process Model is included at [Start Selected Processes].
    • Despite the permission is ‘Read’, [Title] is editable when [Advanced layout] is used.
    • Displaying ‘undefined undefined’ in Datetime type data which value is empty and permission is ‘Read’ when [Advanced layout] is used.
    • In Task Operating screen for Smartphone, Clear Button of User type looks as selected.
    • [SaaS]; Appropriate data is not included in search result when 2 byte uppercase letters are used in [Title].
    • Entire data of Discussion type is not displayed in screen for printing.
    • Right end of the Process Diagram goes frame-out in screen for printing of process Detail.
    • Possible to [Terminate] a Process which has a Team Task that one is not concerned.

Normal User : Task Feed (Enterprise Social Network))

  • Fold long message
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • The same topic name may be registered as separate.

Workflow Designer

[Process Diagram: Icons]

  • Improved ‘Message Throwing Intermediate Event (HTTP)’.
    • Basic Authentication
    • OAuth2.0 (beta, SaaS Edition ONLY)
    • Enable HTTP Request; POST / PUT / PATCH / DELETE (beta, SaaS Edition ONLY).
      • POST / PUT / PATCH:application/json.
      • DELETE: No ‘body’. Parameter is embedded in URL as well as GET.
  • Improved ‘Message Throwing Intermediate Event (Email)’
    • Enabled to insert Process Start Date time/ Process Sequence Number/ Process Model ID/ Process Model Name.
    • Enabled to insert Email address of Process Start Organization into ‘From’ and ‘TO/ CC/BCC’.
    • Changed number of Data Embedding Expression, from display order to Data definition Number.
  • Support File type data in ‘Message Start Event (Form)’.
    • Multiple selection/ Attachment is avalable on Chrome / Firefox / IE10.
    • Single File can be attached on IE8/IE9.
  • Added Detection of Syntax error in Script Task.

[Process Data Items]

  • Improved Select type data.
    • ‘Search Select Box’ is now available to all choice setting, which used to be available only for ‘Choices via HTTP’.
      • Choices can be specified with System files
    • Changed the interface of ‘Search Select Box’ to the same as User type data. Enabled to use ‘Search Select Box’ on Task Operating screen for Smartphone.
  • Improved Table type data.
    • Enabled to specify Mandatory Check or Input Check by the number of the lines.
    • Enabled to describe in [Design Setting].
  • Added [My] button to input interface of Organization type data for inputting ‘Main Organization’.
  • Regular Expression Matching to String type data is now available.
    • Exclude ‘Title’. Include String type in Table type data .
  • Indicating ‘Description’ of each data item when input error occurs.


  • Initial value of Organization/ Role/ User is set in accordance to ID in imported archive when associating  at creating ‘New Model From Archives’.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Data Embedding Expression may not highlighted in setting screen of ‘Message Throwing Intermediate Event (Email)’.
    • The icon of Script Task does not change even selected ‘Normal/ Large’ of Size setting in Preferences of Process Modeler.
    • Processing fails with error when overwriting by null value (input value clearing) data items other than User type/ Organization type in Script Task.
    • Settings in numeric type items in Table type data item partially do not appear in Version Detail screen of Process Model Detail screen.
    • Select box of ‘Insert expression…’ has no items to choose when the data type has been changed to String type from other type.
    • List in combo-box of initial value setting for Numeric/ Date/ Datetime type data item remain indicated even focus is moved to other area.
    • [Edit] button on Detail setting of Numeric type data item is not indicated when characters in ‘Prefix/ Suffix’ are too many.
    • Indented quotation cannot be described at the beginning, because the spaces before and after are removed.
    • ‘Work Manual’ may not displayed according to the contents of description.
    • Displaying of the list of [System File] in ‘Process Model Setting’ may take long time if there are files that is large.
    • Display of the Process Model list collapses if [“] or[>] have been used in the category name.
    • Process Model Editing Screen may not Appear Correctly

System Administrator

  • Change the initial configuration of the Password Policy to “Password must contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols”
    • Will be applied to Newly built environments after release of this version
  • Separate the password for Basic authentication to be used in the API, from the login password.
    • Your password will be the same after the version updating existing environment.
  • Enabled to prohibit API access using Basic Authentication.
    • ‘Disabled’ is set as initial configuration in Newly built environment after release of this version.
  • Enabled to browse lists of external connection in Process Models with ‘Message Start Event (HTTP)’, ‘Message Start Event (Form)’, ‘Message Throwing Intermediate Event (http)’, etc..
  • Enabled to accept attachment which is invalid MIME type in ‘Message Start Event (Email)’
  • One ‘Role’ is registered as initial data to Newly built environments after release of this version.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • OAuth token associated with an application is not deleted even the application is deleted in “Connecting applications using OAuth”.
      • Error occurs when trying to open the list of OAuth tokens in this state

System Engineer

  • Added APIs of ‘Querying for all Process Instances records’ and ‘Querying for all Task records’ which data retrievable in CSV format.
  • Added API to ‘Delete Process'(/API/OR/ProcessInstance/delete)
    • ‘/API/PIM/ProcessInstance/delete’ will be abolished.
  • Changed the specification of API to ‘Start New Process.
    • Enabled to specify Process Model ID (processModelInfoId) and Node Number (nodeNumber)
    • ‘activityId’  will be abolished.
  • Changed the specification of Process Search API not to search for ‘Name’, only search for ‘Choice ID’, when filtering with Select type data item of ‘Choices via HTTP’.

Use Environment/ System Platform

  • Changed URL format of SaaS service, so that the same URL can be used for Free version and paid version.
    • ‘Paid version: https://s.questetra.net/XXXXXXXX/’, ‘Free version: https://fs.questetra.net/YYYYYYYY’ to ‘https://ZZZZZZZZ.questetra.net/’
    • Will be adopted to Users who will make application for new environment after v9.8.0.
    • Environment that is already used maintain the current URL
  • Upgraded ExtJS to 4.2.2 from 4.1.3
  • Upgraded jQuery Mobile to 1.3.2 from 1.3.1


  • We will end support for Windows XP/ Internet Explorer 8 among available Operating Systems/ Browsers described in System Requirement, at the same time Microsoft ends support for Windows XP.
  • At task processing screen using the “Advanced Layout”, interface of “Sselect type (select box)” is different from the normal Task Operating screen. We are going to unify in the same interface at next version (v9.9.0 planned)