v9.8.1 2014-02-03: Allows to Start Processes by some sorts of Invalid Email

Date Release

Normal User : Workflow

  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Javascript error occurs on clicking on the [Finish this Task] button on the Task Operating screen that uses ‘Advanced Layout’.
    • [Finish], [Save and Quit], [Quit] buttons at the bottom of the Task Operation screen, may not be displayed properly when an Input error occurs on a Task Operating screen that uses Advanced Layout.
    • The name of the button to terminate the event has become [menu.pe.Processinstance.stop], in Process Detail screen.
    • After adding a column on the search result screen, the added column is not displayed when re-searching on clicking on [Update] button, on the Process/ Task search screen.

Normal User : Task Feed (Enterprise Social Network)

  • none

Workflow Designer

  • Fixed following Bugs
    • [Script Task] cannot be ‘Copy and Paste’ of [Edit] menu on the Process Modeler.
    • Display collapses when adding ‘Memo’ to column indication.

System Administrator

  • Enabled to Start Processes by some sorts of Invalid Email (Invalid header) in ‘Message Start Event (email)’.

System Engineer

  • none

Use Environment/ System Platform

  • none/li>


  • We will end support for Windows XP/ Internet Explorer 8 among available Operating Systems/ Browsers described in System Requirement, at the same time Microsoft ends support for Windows XP.
  • At task processing screen using the “Advanced Layout”, interface of “Sselect type (select box)” is different from the normal Task Operating screen. We are going to unify in the same interface at next version (v9.9.0 planned)