v9.9.0 2014-04-28: Added Step Icon to Help Synchronizing the “Choice Master”

Date Release

Normal User : Workflow

  • Changed the interface of “Selection type (select box)” in task operating screen using the “Advanced Layout”, to the same as the normal task operating screen.
    • If you want to filter (search) choices to specify of the select type data item in “Advanced Layout” by inputting characters, please use “Select type (Search Select box)”.
  • Enabled to see the Process Model ID / Node number of the first Task in the Process Model Detail screen that is shown in the list in [Start] menu. (Showing tooltip on mouse-over)
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Blank screen is displayed when  trying to register the file of 100 KB or more in the User icon registration.
    • System error occurs if you try to set your “user name” as the name that the other user is using in the profile editing by the user himself.

    • “GOOGLE_DRIVE” and “variable name inside” is displayed as it is in “Operation History and Current Status”, if the name of “Service Task (Google Drive)” was empty.
    • [IE8] Characters such as task name of the Process Diagram, cannot be printed correctly when trying to print the Window for printing screen of the Process detail.

Normal User : Task Feed (Enterprise Social Network))

  • none

Workflow Designer

[Choice Master]

  • Added a new Step Item, ‘Service Task (Choice Master Update)’.
    • Automatic processing tasks in order to save choice settings of Select type data item as a shared process model file “Choice Master”.
  • Changes in Names
    • ‘System File’ to ‘Shared (Process Model) file’.
    • ‘Choice file’ to ‘Choice Master’
  • Given a range of permission to manage and to use, depending on the authorization on ‘Process Model file (ex. System file)’.
    • Targeting ‘Choice Master’ and ‘PDF template’.
    • ‘System Administrator’ to manage the Shared file that multiple Process models refers.
      • Same as the ‘System File’ functions in v9.8.1 or earlier. Management menu of the Shared Files] moved to “System Settings”.
      • Only browsing is available at [Shared File] menu in Process Model Setting. Shared Process Model file can be used in all of the Process Models.
    • ‘Process Model Editor’ can manage available Process Model file on corresponding Process Model.
      • Added ‘Manage Process Model file’ menu in pull-down on Process Model menu in Process Model Detail screen.
      • Cannot refer ‘Process Model file’ that is registered at other Process model.
  • Process Model-specific ‘Process Model file (Choice Master / PDF template)’ to be included in Process Archive (.qar)
  • Choice Master file to be validated at its registration.
  • List of Choices that have been defined in Choice master to be seen on the screen.
  • Added an option to specify ‘Choice Master’ that is registered in Choice Setting screen of Select type data item.
    • Can specify by ‘file name’, previously specified at URL as ‘file:///****’.

[Process Model Detail screen]

  • Changed the term of ‘Activate Editing Version’ to ‘Release developing Version’.
    • Giving version number to version of under developing.
    • ‘(latest)’ is indicated on the latest version.
    • Changed the location of the [Release] button.
  • Changed displaying items of basic information, components and location of menu buttons.
    • Excluded ‘Authorization’ and ‘Process Sequence number’ from displaying item in Basic information.
    • Integrated those other than main menu into pull-down menu.
    • Added a menu to check the setting of “OAuth 2.0” in the “Throwing Message Intermediate Event (HTTP)”
  • File / Edit / Preferences menu to be indicated on Detail setting screen of Process Model.

[Process Model Editor screen (general)]

  • Warning message to be shown when clicking on ‘Back’ button or ‘Close window’ button of the browser during editing.
  • Integrated tab menus to switch setting screen into ‘Process Diagram’, ‘Operator’ and ‘Process Data Item’.
    • Change the display with a label to expand the display width of the tab menu.
  • Error message is shown at the following points when setting deleted User / Organization / Role is used.
    • Operator / Alarm setting on Task / Service Task (Google Drive)
  • Changed location of indication,improved performance.
    • ‘Variables Setting’, ‘Curve’, ‘Snap to Grid’ menus are moved to [Preference].
    • ‘Print process Diagram’, ‘Full Screen’ to [File].
  • When opening the tutorial from the File menu, options check of “Don’t show the tutorial again”, is changed to be set in accordance with the use of current mode.


  • Changed the initial setting of Operator of newly added Swimlane, to the user himself who is editing the Process Model.
    • Changed to individual User to be specified, instead of ‘members of root organization and its sub-organizations’ as initial value in v9.8.1 and earlier.
  • Changed the indication of the option to directly specifying User to the top in Operator Setting screen.

[Read/write (Data editing permission)]

  • Changed the term of ‘Read/write permission’ to ‘Data editing permission’.
  • Changed ‘Data editing permission’ to be set in Properties setting screen of Tasks.
    • Abolished tab menu at the top.
    • To set on each Step, select the target Step in the Process Diagram, and open its Properties screen.
  • To make setting on entire Steps, click on [Data edit permission Settings at all steps] in Process Data Item tab.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Unselected item may seem as selected in collective setting screen of ‘Data edit permission’.


  • Changed ‘Split setting’ to be set in Properties setting screen of each Step (Task / Gateway).
    • Abolished tab menu at the top.
  • Changed the initial value of Split without using gateway (split by Task) to ‘The token moves to the Destination that a user selects.’
  • The internal value in the state of nothing selected to be ‘null (empty string)’ in Select type data item.
  • The behavior of when Select type data item has been set in Split condition expression and not had a chance to be input, to be the same as ‘not selected even there was a chance of inputting.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • The condition can be deleted in AND split.
    • In AND Split and OR Split,the order of the conditions can be modified by Drag & Drop, despite the buttons to change the order are not indicated.
    • The operation history is recorded by clicking on the radio button, even though there is no change on Split type.
    • The delete button goes out to displaying range and cannot be clicked if choice with long indication label is specified in Select type data item in Split condition expression.


  • Icons of ‘Tasks with Start Event’ and ‘Tasks with End Event’ moved to Advanced pallet from Basic pallet.
  • Changed the interface of specifying Process Model file in Service Task (PDF generation)’ to Combo-box, and enabled to select files from choices.
  • The double-byte space before and after the Choice ID / Indicating label to be removed at defining in Choice setting screen of Select type data item.
  • Process Model in which deleted Organization / Role / User is used, not to be suspended automatically.
    • Error notification email to be send to ‘Process Model Editor’ when an error occurred on the latest version of the Process Model.
  • Improved performance of Import Process Archive by improving the processing.
  • ‘Process Model Setting’ and ‘System Setting’ menus to be opened in New Tab / New Window.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Display may remain as selected that focusing the boundary at the right end of the swimlane, then unfocused in Process Diagram setting screen.
    • Operation history is recorded even though tried to change the size of a swimlane but could not.
    • Other User may displayed as executed User if a deleted User has been specified in Service Task (Google Drive)’ setting.’
    • If multiple email addresses are set in the destination (To/Cc) of ‘Throwing Message Intermediate Event (email)’, header of the same number as the destination will be added. (e.g. multiple To headers)

System Administrator

  • Expanded the maximum length of Password to 100 characters from 16.
  • Enable to set Main Organization in registration screen of new User.
  • Changed the interface of specifying ‘Parent Organization’ to be same as selecting ‘Organization type data item, in registration screen of new Organization.
  • Message to be indicated if it is a subject of warning such as ‘User who does not belong to any belonging’ in the detailed screen of the user / organization / roll.
  • Changed the ability to synchronize User / Organization / Role to Google Apps account, to OAuth2 base.
  • Moved ‘Add to a specific user’ to the top of [New Authorization] screen of System Authorization / Process Authorization.
  • Fixed following Bugs

System Engineer

  • none

Use Environment/ System Platform

  • [SaaS Edition] Enhanced security in the encrypted communication.
    • Introduced Forward Secrecy in all suppoting web browzers.
  • Upgraded Apache Struts / OGNL to / 3.0.8 from / 3.0.6.
  • Upgraded Flex to 4.5.1 from 4.12.0
    • Flash Player 12 is required.


  • We will end support for Windows XP/ Internet Explorer 8 among available Operating Systems/ Browsers described in System Requirement, at the same time Microsoft ends support for Windows XP.