v9.9.4 2014-08-25: Specification Change on Login, Bugs Fixed

Date Release

Normal User : Workflow

  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Icons showing newly released version, etc. do not appear on the list of [Start] screen.
    • An error occurs and the screen is not proper when a User who does not belong to any Organization tries to ‘Operate Task’ or to ‘Edit Data’.

Normal User : Task Feed (Enterprise Social Network)

  • none

Workflow Designer

System Administrator

  • Fixed following Bugs
    • ‘You Got Tasks’ may not be Available if Logged in with Google Apps Account
    • Automatic login does not work for logging in with Google Apps account.
      • Abolished the automatic login.
    • Simultaneous login is unwillingly possible when log in using Google Apps account and Single Sign-on.
    • Processing of Script Task is recorded as ‘Service Task’, erroneously.
      • Process log which has been recorded in the previous version will remain “Service Task”.

System Engineer

  • none

Use Environment/ System Platform

  • none


  • Version 9.9.x is the last version that supports for Windows XP/ Internet Explorer 8 among available Operating Systems/ Browsers described in System Requirement. Questetra will not support Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8 any more since after next major version (Ver.10, TBR)