Questetra: Timer Control Function on Workflow Enables to “Reservation” of Work

Cloud Based Business process management that Provides You Reservation of Transmitting ‘a Confirmation Email’ a week later

Software development company Questetra Inc.(CEO Genichi Imamura, Kyoto), will publish the new version 8.5 of the cloud-based business process management “Questetra BPM Suite” on June 19. With this new version 8.5, it is able to suspend a business task in the middle of a Workflow. It enables you, for example, to reserve submitting ‘Confirmation email for arrival of mailed card’ in ‘Membership acceptance’.

Questetra BPM Suite

Questetra BPM Suite is a Drag and Drop designable Workflow System. It provides you conditional split and data connecting between Workflows, without programing, so you can use it on various Business scene such as approval system for personnel affairs, or Claim Handling, or visualizing BPO progress.
(100% Web Based system, Google Apps Connectivity, Enterprise social network, over 400 business templates)
Questetra BPM Suite

Newly Added Features for ver. 8.5

Timer Control Function

Timer Control FunctionYou can place a control event* in the middle of a workflow. Timer control to start a Workflow, has been implemented so far, but Timer control in the middle of the Workflow was not achieved. Now it is available such as to allocate a task to verify the bank payment at the end of next month, or to make a reservation of submitting a ‘Contract renewal invitation email’ one month in advance.
(* Timer intermediate Event)

Linkage Calculation Function

Linkage Calculation FunctionEasier operation of the complex computing equation in Numeric type data. So far, it was unable to describe to refer to the other when defining ‘computation for the total’ and ‘computation to add consumption tax to the total’. Now, it is available to use linkage of computation result (cascade reference).

Other New Features

Enterprise Social network screen is also displayed on Detail screen for Business data (Process data). Bulk assignment of business is available against newly created ‘Organization’.
See for the detail

Free Trial

Questetra will give you “Five Users” license anytime for Free. No expiry date, no functional limitations. You can use all of the functions, including API or SSO configuration.

Disk capacity and performance will be different from the environment in paid SaaS. The service will be stopped if it was not accessed more than 15 days.

About Us

‘Making fun out of routine!!’ We are a start-up company in Kyoto, continues to create business software to Organize the world’s Business Processes.
Cool Vendor 2010 in BPM (Global) Prize winner.

Corporate Name; Questetra, Inc.
Corporate Address; 206 Takamiya-cho Oike Bldg. 4f .Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0835, Japan
Business; Software development for corporate
Founded April 2008 Capital Stock \160,000,000

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