Struggling with Improvement on Quotation Approval Flow; Automatic number assignment for quotation number

Not only number assignment, automatic entry for eradication of mistakes as well!

Hi, there!


One sales manager (that’s me) is currently struggling to improve “Quotation approval flow”!


With the improvement so far, we have realized automatic judgment of whether we need Quotation approval, and automatic generation of Quotation PDF file. However, it seems that salespersons in the field still feel dissatisfaction.


I worked on solving one of the problems, which is complaint that number assignment for the Quotation number is cumbersome.


Utilizing Questetra BPM Suite, a cloud-based Workflow


In “Struggling with Improvement of Quotation Approval Flow”, I will proceed with the premise of using the cloud based workflow “Questetra BPM Suite” to improve the business flow. In addition, I may use other cloud services as necessary.


As I will arrange it to be possible to download the Apps that can be used on “Questetra BPM Suite”, so if you would like to use it actually, please apply for Questetra BPM Suite Free Edition.


It is cumbersome as well as dangerous to manually enter the quotation number


“Quotation number” must be assigned to the Quotation to be submitted to the customer as a management number to identify each. In the Step of “Register quotation” on the Quotation approval flow, the salesperson makes request for approval by entering the quotation number on it.

Preparing a ledger for managing the “Quote number” using Google Spreadsheet beforehand, the salesperson must obtain the “Quote number” before registering and input it correctly at the time of making request.


For a salesperson, the act of numbering is troublesome only, and there lurks also a risk of erroneously entering the number for management.


Therefore, we will conduct an improvement which automatically assigning the Quotation number and set it into the Data Item of “Quotation number”.


Automatic number assignment of “Quotation number”


To automatically assign “Quotation number”, we are going to utilize “Process Sequence” function of Questetra BPM Suite.


Each App (Workflow) in Questetra BPM Suite possesses “Process Sequence number”. The value of “Process Sequence number” is the numeric which 1 has been added to the number of upon the Workflow was started last time, and it can be used as the initial value of the Data Items.


You can also set a Sequence number to be reset by day, month, or year.


In our sales work, “Quotation number” must be assigned according to the following rule. Using the “Process Sequence” function, I made settings so that the “Quotation number” according to this rule to be automatically assigned.


  • 9 digits in total
  • The first six digits shall represent the year and month – for example, Quotations issued in November 2017 and January 2018, it is set to 201711 and 201801 respectively
  • The last three digits shall be the “Process Sequence number” – for example, n the case of Quotations issued on tenth and 150 th of the month shall be 010 and 150 respectively
  • “Process sequence number” is reset once a month


That is, the quotation number on a Quotation issued on 150th in January 2018 will be 201801150.


Settings for “Process Sequence” function


Firstly, we are going to set up “Process Sequence”. Click on “Edit Process Sequence” displayed when you click on “App” on the details screen of an App. On the displayed screen, set the Reset type to “reset monthly.



This makes the sequential number to be reset every month.


Settings for initial value


We are going to set the initial value on the Data Item of “Quotation number”. You do it on the screen displayed by pressing the Edit button on the Data Item of “Quotation number” as shown in the following figure.



In the displayed dialog, you enter a “magic spell” into “Initial”. As the “magic spell”, you describe the rule for Quotation numbers. Specifically, you fill in a “magic spell” like the one written in the following figure.


#{#format(processInstanceStartDatetime, 'yyyyMM')}#{#sformat('%03d', processInstanceSequenceNumber)}


Although I omit detailed explanation, it is possible to generate various initial values by associating with Process Sequence number. Please refer to how to use Questetra BPM Suite for detailed explanation and various examples.




By this improvement, it has become that a Quotation number is assigned automatically, and the number is set to a Data Item. This will reduce the burden on salespeople somewhat, and erroneous inputs in Quotation number.


We are preparing a file which you can confirm the operation of Quotation approval flow that we improved so far in this article on Questetra BPM Suite, so please download it and try it by all means.


However, the Quotation approval flow still needs to be improved further…



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