Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free ; Basic Index

Let's create an "Inquiry-handling system" available for an organization, starting from publishing the inquiry form, for free!

Hi, there!


“Inquiry-handling” is a very important task for a company.


For such an important work, there are many people who would like to carry it out strictly on a high quality level, or want to carry out as efficiently and comfortably as possible.


For such people, I wrote about how to make an “Inquiry-handling system” for free, divided into 10 articles.


However, articles other than this series got in between them on the post list, becoming hard to navigate through them. So it is not easy-to-understand what is written as a whole. So I want to organize the entire series as an overall view in this article.



==Summary of Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free ; Basics==


In this series, I am introducing a method to build an “Inquiry-handling system” easily and for free.


I carefully tried giving simple explanations so that even those who do not know anything about “Questetra BPM Suite”, which is the base of the “Inquiry-handling system”, could understand clearly. For how to operate the software, I gave written descriptions, but since I also made concrete operation videos, I definitely recommend you to watch them, and create an Inquiry-handling system together with me.




Even if we say “Inquiry-handling system” by some means, it is assumed to have various functions. In this series, we are making an “Inquiry-handling system” by not adding many functions from the beginning, but adding functions little by little.


In addition, the “Inquiry-handling system” created through this series is available in a file. If you have no time to create it, yet want to see its operation, you can see what it’s all about simply by downloading the file and import it to Questetra BPM Suite.


The general steps are shown in the following list, and I explained little by little dividing these into ten articles.


  • Make it able to accept inquiries [Basic 1] [Basic 2]
  • Obtain agreement to Privacy Policy [Basic 3]
  • Make it able to attach files [Basic 4]
  • Make it possible to record answers (correspondence results) to inquiries [Basic 6]
  • Make Inquiry-acceptance emails to be sent automatically [Basic 7] [Basic 8]
  • Make it possible for organizations to respond to inquiries [[Basic 9] [Basic 10]


The links such as [Basic 1] at the end of each item are a link to the corresponding article. Although, if you look closely, there is no link to [Basic 5], [Basic 5] explains the basic functions of Questetra BPM Suite appearing in articles of Basic 1 to 4.


===Make it being able to accept inquiries===


First of all, I explained how to widely receive inquiries by making an inquiry form and publishing it on the Web.


It explains from how to get a “Questetra BPM Suite” platform which you can use, since the “Inquiry-handling system” which we are trying to create in this series is based on “Questetra BPM Suite” as mentioned above.



===Obtain agreement to Privacy Policy===


In the inquiry form, personal information such as name and telephone number are entered. I have explained how to add a mechanism that allows an inquirer to indicate his / her consent to the policy for handling personal information (Privacy Policy) defined by the organization that received the inquiry.



I briefly mentioned about the Privacy Protection act, so that you can understand why it is necessary to add such a mechanism.



==Make it being able to attach files==


I have introduced the advantage of enabling file attachment with the inquiry form, through my experience. And explained the specific method of attaching a file to the inquiry form created so far.



===Make it possible to record answers (correspondence results) to inquiries===


What we had created thus far was a system that just accepted inquiries. It was not capable of responding to inquiries yet, so it was at a state of “inquiry acceptance” system.


From there, we upgraded it to an “Inquiry-handling system” by adding a mechanism to record answers and correspondence results made to the received inquiries.



===Make Inquiry-acceptance emails to be sent automatically===


We added one convenient function.


When you make an inquiry, isn’t it nice if you received an “inquiry-acceptance mail” containing the contents (inquiry contents) you have entered? You might feel relieved.




We have added a mechanism with which such “Inquiry-acceptance mail” could be sent automatically sent.



===Make it possible for organizations to respond to inquiries===


In the “Inquiry-handling system” that we have made so far, only the person who have created this system was able to deal with inquiries. We made it so that all the members of a given organization, for example, the Customer Support Center or Support Desk.


It finally was upgraded to a full-fledged “Inquiry-handling system”.



==About Advanced editions==


The “inquiry-handling system” we have created through “Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free ; Basics” Series of ten, is useful enough.


However, Questetra BPM Suite still has more functions, and by utilizing them, it is possible to upgrade it to a more convenient “Inquiry-handling system”.


As for those upgrades, I will explain in detail in the Advanced editions.


That’s it, for today!



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