Struggling with Improvement on Quotation Approval Flow; Automatic filename generation

Make it easier to identify automatically generated quotation PDF files!

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One sales manager (that’s me) is currently struggling to improve “Quotation approval flow”!


Even though I have made several improvements, it seems that salespersons are still dissatisfied. They claim that they want to make the automatically generated quotation PDF file names to be easy to identify.
* Reference: Struggling with Improvement on Quotation Approval Flow; Quotation PDF Auto-generation


Utilizing Questetra BPM Suite, a cloud-based Workflow


In “Struggling with Improvement of Quotation Approval Flow”, I will proceed with the premise of using the cloud based workflow “Questetra BPM Suite” to improve the business flow. In addition, I may use other cloud services as necessary.


As I will arrange it to be possible to download the Apps that can be used on “Questetra BPM Suite”, so if you would like to use it actually, please apply for Questetra BPM Suite Free Edition.


Include Quotation number in the name of the Quotation PDF file


In the Quotation approval flow that we have created so far, the names of the Quotation files that are automatically generated after being approved were all “quote.pdf”. For salesperson who frequently submits Quotations, it was necessary to change the filenames of”quote.pdf” to which was easy to identify manually in order to distinguish it from other Issues. The efforts for this changing was the cause of dissatisfaction for salespersons.


So, I made an improvement so that the name of automatically generated PDF file to automatically include the Quotation number. This improvement was easy.


As well as we described a “magic spell” which was to automatically generate a number to the initial value of the Data Item “Quotation number”, you make the spell to be included in the initial value of the Data Item of “Label for PDF file”.


This time, we make the name of the quotation PDF file to be in a form of “quote-quotation number.pdf”. Specifically, suppose if the Quotation number is 20180123 for example, the filename will be “quote-20180123.pdf”.


You enter the same value which we entered in the initial value of the Data Item “Quotation number” following the letter “quote-” into the initial value of the Data Item “Label for PDF file”, and then enter a string “.pdf” at the end. So a filename “quote-quotation number.pdf” will be generated.


It might be easier to understand saying that to put the initial value entered in the Data Item “Quotation number” in between “quote-” and “.pdf”.



With this improvement, quotation PDF files with a different filename are generated for each Issue. Salespersons can now find the quotation number simply by looking at the filename.


We are preparing a file which you can confirm the operation of Quotation approval flow that we improved so far in this article on Questetra BPM Suite, so please download it and try it by all means.


That’s it, for today!



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