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Kawano Consul, provides consulting services specialized in business inheritance to more than 400 member companies (corporate customers). Transition of the whole business system to the Cloud.

Visualize the Consulting Related Business

Achieving Thin-client Environment by Utilizing Cloud

Q. What was the trigger to introduce Questetra?

Kawano ConsulWe Kawano Consul, are providing our services to member companies (corporate customers) from offices in Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Shanghai.

About Questetra, we liked it for its easy Workflow defining, and started using it with the intention of Digitalizing the Workflows. We used to handling series of application work such as ‘Travel expense settlement’, ‘Decision making’, ‘Goods Purchase’, ‘Leave Request’, etc. in paper document. But now we have made transition of almost all the operations of Labor, Affairs, and Accounting by ourselves. As a result, we achieved greater efficiency of office work, which has been reduced into a quarter than it was before. We are satisfied as well as we feel that speeding up the completion of the work leads to “timely management decisions”.

As we have continued using Questetra BPM Suite actually, we have found out that ‘yeah, this is a tool that can be even more awesome‘. Now we use it on processing of consulting business. In terms of the number of business flow (process models), It is about 30.

Q. Please tell us about the overview of Cloud Transition and plans for the future.

We have introduced Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition and Google Apps for Business, etc. for Cloud Transition. Now we have got rid of ‘Computers for individuals’, and by logging in, it will become environment for anyone. And each computer is initialized at reboot. So our offices have become free address that all the employee don’t have their own desk.

We are going to do all business only with smartphones and tablets.

Standardized Internal Procedures about Consulting

Q. What kind of Workflow is it on your core business?

Kawano ConsulKawano Consul is taking membership system. The “Business Inheritance seminar”, which we hold more than twenty times a year, and companies who attended our seminar and understood our services, would become a membership. The first and important process is ‘Admission procedure’ Workflow. Then a Workflow to create proposal through Free Consultation, Hearing, Analysis of the customer.

After the Admission, comes ‘Stock Price Calculating flow’, etc. There still are business processes which we can’t make into models yet, but we are going to take full advantage of Questetra for our magnificent dream.

Q. Is there any feature that makes you frustrated?

Only sometimes I feel that ‘It is a tool for whom knows about BPM well’. Of course I know I need more studying, but I also can’t stop wishing that I could find the improving point easily.

NameKawano Consul

100 million yen
Chuo-ku, Osaka
October 2, 2000
Kazuyoshi Kohno, President & CEO
Main businesses:
Business Succession, Capital Management, Asset Succession Consulting

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