Questetra: Cloud Workflow Ver. 9 Equipped PDF Generation

– Major Version Upgrade after 1 Year, Standardizing ‘Process Start by Email Receiving’ –

Kyoto, Japan — August 21, 2012 — SaaS vendor company Questetra, Inc. has published the new version 9.0 of the cloud-based Business Process Management service “Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition”. Since the publishing of version 8.0 which equipped with Enterprise Social, it has been major upgraded after about 1 year.

The new version has added features to streamline the daily business such as automatically generate a “PDF files that business data have been inserted”. That is for example, it makes possible to automate process such as, generating Quotation PDF from quote data which has been approved in a Workflow, attach it to an email and send to the Salesperson in charge.

Questetra: Cloud Workflow Ver. 9 Equipped PDF Generation

Questetra BPM Suite

Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition, the cloud-based Workflow system, is a service to design a flow of your Business on the Internet. It makes handling business data smoothly in various works such as Decision makings, Expense applications, Complaints support. Also, it helps continuous business improvement by visualizing ‘who did what’ and ‘time spent to process’.

Questetra BPM Suite

Because it can be designed without programming even complicated conditional split or collaboration between Workflows, not limited to mere approval flow, it can be applied to various other business processes such as Customer Services, Marketing and Product Development. In addition, we are publishing more than 400 business templates which conforming to international standard notation (BPMN 2.0) for Free. (Workflow Samples:

New Features of Ver. 9.0

Automatic Generation of PDF Document

‘Service Task (PDF generation)’ is available to place in the middle of Workflow

Service Task (PDF generation)

Different from ‘Normal Tasks’ that allocate Tasks to human on Process arrival, it processes automatically by itself within the System. The System automatically inserts business data into where specified by the template (PDF Form), and save it as a new PDF file. It makes available to automate various document creation, not only Quotations or Invoices, even “year-end adjustment declaration form” or “letter of appointment”, as well. Sorry not available for Download Edition.

Details and Samples; /tour/workflow-designer/pdf-generation/

Automatically Cenerated in the middle of Workflow

Email Conjunction Process Start Feature

‘Message Start Event (email)’ is available to place in the middle of Workflows.

Message Start Event (email)

Email reception at the specific email address will trigger to start a New Process automatically. Available to capture the Subject, From, and Body of the email, etc. as business data. Sorry not available for Download Edition.

Details and Samples; /tour/workflow-designer/start-process-by-email-receiving/
Business Process Started by 'Email Arrival'

Other Additional Functions and Specification Changes

Many other features have been added such as the feature that any “Workflow Designer” can manage Choices type data (Master File) across Business Processes, the feature of repeatedly alert when exceeded deadline, and so on.

Details of newly added features;

Free Trial

Questetra is always issuing Free accounts on-line. There is neither functional limitation nor Usage expiration. Though, service will be automatically shutdown if not login for 15 days. And the number of users to be registered is limited at 5 people.

Questetra, Inc.

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We are a start-up company in Kyoto Japan, have been continuing to create Business Software, and working hard to organize the world’s Business Processes.

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