Last updated 11월 27, 2017

Auto Generating PDF File with Business data Inserted

By placing "Service Task (PDF generation)", PDF auto-generating Step, in the middle of the Flow Diagram, and preparing a PDF to be a template, a PDF file will be automatically generated upon arriving of the instance. (Business data will be inserted in each Form field of the Template PDF.) For example, you can automatically generate a PDF file following the confirmation on Expense-data by Supervisor or Accounting.


a. Internal Record
Auto-generating PDF document for the audit trail (e.g.: ‘Detailed Statement of Expense’, ‘Invoice’)
b. External Submission
Auto-generating PDF document to be Attached-Emailed or Printed and mailed. (e.g.: ‘Appointment Letter’, ‘Employee Transfer Letter’)

1. String to be the Name of the Generated file
References to String type data, such as the Issue name or issued ID
2. Directory where the Generated file to be Stored
Generated file will be added in the specified File type data item
  • To prevent duplication of the file name, prepare a unique String type data at upstream of the automated process
  • E.g.: “Invoice-#{#format(data[‘9’], ‘yyyyMMddHHmm’)}.pdf”, etc.

1. Create an Outline for Template PDF
Create a PDF of your design of fixed-sentence and background images with Microsoft Word, etc. (no-form.pdf)
2. Arrangement of Forms
Place the “Form Field (Text)” to the position where you want to insert the data (Requires Acrobat, etc.)
3. Set the Insertion ID
Change the “Name” of each Form Field to the Insertion ID (E.g.: “q_name”, “data[9].input”)
4. Registered as a Template PDF
Register the Template PDF to the Workflow platform or external server
  • It is possible to use [Field Name] set to the Data Item as the Insertion ID for Template PDF
  • [Administrative privileged Users] are able to register a Template PDF to be used for Cross-operationally (M320)
  • It is also possible to obtain samples of Templatet PDF

Fig. Conceptual image of generation of a new PDF from the Template PDF


R2280 Business Data Insertion Id (PDF)