You can choose the best plan for you
Flexible Plan
per User per Month
US$6.00 per User / Month for Contracts Over 200 Users

Best for Companies that want to change the number of Users

You will pay only the amount that corresponds to the actual use (Fluctuating number of registered accounts) on a subsequent basis.

  • Addition and Deletion of Users is available at anytime
  • When “The number of registered Users” on a given day is less than 20, it will be considered as 20 people (minimum).
  • PDF invoice will be issued for each month
  • Settlement by Bank transfer before the end of the following month of usage
  • Switching to “Annual Plan” is available at any time during the contract period
Annual Plan
per User per Month
US$4.80 per User / Month for Contracts Over 200 Users

Best for Companies for which the number of Users is on the rise

You will purchase a license for a fixed “Number of registerable Users” (Seats) beforehand.

  • An annual invoice will be issued upon the start (and upon renewal)
  • The minimum contract is 20 Seats (Up to 20 Users can be registered)
  • You can purchase additional Users (10 Users pack basis) in the middle of the period of contract.
  • We do not make refunds due to cancellation or decrease of User accounts that occur within the validity period of a contract.
  • You cannot switch to “Flexible Plan” from “Annual Plan” (only upon renewal).