How to Write “Case study articles” Regularly

How to make time for writing and to shorten it.

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We, Questetra, are developing a software “Questetra BPM Suite“, which visualizes flow of business in a company, and providing it as a Cloud-service. To properly understand the advantages of a service that is utilized by many people in a corporation, like “Questetra BPM Suite”, a large collection of “Case studies” is essential.


The more “Case studies” the better, of course. However, it is not so easy to write “Case study articles” constantly.


Today, I would like to give you my tips for writing Case Study articles.


Reasons for not being able to write them


As for Contents, there is nothing more worthy than “Case studies”. But they are hard to write. If you set a number of articles as a goal, you will barely be able to make it.


What are the reasons why you cannot write a lot of Case study articles?


Although there might be various reasons, I believe the biggest reason is it takes a lot of time to create the Case studies but you cannot make time for it.


I think if you take the following measures in order to write a lot of articles, you will be able to do it.


  • Tips for reducing the time of creation
  • Tips for making time for creation


Tips for Reducing the Time of Creation


One of the methods for reducing the time for creation of Case study is to design the overall structure beforehand.


Customer Stories by Microsoft(*), for example, have a structure for every article as follows.
(*) Microsoft Customer Stories ->

  1. Introduction of the Customer
  2. Background and target
  3. Transition
  4. Benefits
  5. Future prospects


Also, in the Case Studies by Sansan, Inc.(*), who is one of Questetra BPM Suite’s Users, you can see a structure as follows.
(*) Sansan, Inc. Case Studies ->

  1. Introduction of the Customer
  2. Background
  3. Benefits
  4. Current situation
  5. Future prospects


Both are similar to each other.


In this way, the burden on the people who write the articles will be reduced if what is to be written about has already been determined. A writer will be able to focus on what to write in a each section since there will be no need decide the structure or framework of the article.


Time-cost to create an article will be reduced by template-ization of the article, that is to divide the entire article into three to five sections, and to define what to write in each section in advance.


Tips for Making Time to Create them


It could be alright if it was the only job for a person who creates articles, but it is not so in reality. I consider that most people who create articles are doing it in between other jobs. (In Questetra, salespeople are the major writers.)


People can’t help to put off tasks like creating Case study articles when they are too busy with the jobs at hand…


Therefore, we are making an effort to do the following two. “To make time for writing in a team” “To make reviews frequently”


Make Time for Team Writing


It is difficult for a single person to make time, as I mentioned before, especially when being busy with the jobs at hand. “To make time for writing in teams” is to determine that, for example, “The people in charge will get together in a meeting room at certain time in a certain day for writing purposes only”, and do so.


Since it has been decided beforehand, the people in charge of the task should be able to attend unless something urgent occurrs. And once they get together, they are able to focus on writing.




However, it would be difficult to get together frequently like on a daily basis or even once a week. Yet, another way is needed to promote writing little by little. That is for “Makig reviews frequently”.


Making Reviews Frequently


In many business scenes, daily meetings are held. We devote five minutes per person at the meeting, for the purpose of reviewing the article being created.


Each person in charge makes a brief explanation about one section of the article under review, and the participants review it. Since the time is dedicated, the person in charge would be compelled to write at least one section of the article before the meeting.


At the same time, by frequently reviewing it, the risk of turning all over after the article is finished will be reduced.




Getting together and writing at once. Writing little by little daily, aiming for meetings. By combining these, the creation of Case Study articles will be promoted steadily.




Also in Questetra, we are struggling to create of Case study articles. Therefore, what I am describing here must not be the ideal method.


From now on, I will practice what I wrote here to a certain extent, and improve it if necessary.


That’s it, for today!



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