Last updated Jan 23, 2018

Check What You Have to Do (Login)

By accessing to the 'Login URL' which is dedicated to your company, a Login form will appear. There may be a single Login form, ma be more than one. Please ask which one you should login to, to the "System Administrator" of your own company.

1. Login URL
Access to the [Login URL] with Web browser on your computer or Smartphone.
R1010 Supported Browsers
  • Login URL is different for each license. (e.g. ‘https://xxxx.questetra.net/Login_show’)
  • It will be useful if you Bookmark the Login URL on your browser.
  • In some cases, such as when “Outbound IP restriction” is set by the system administrator of your company, access source will be limited.
a. Password login method
[Login] by typing your Email address and Password.
b. Single Sign-on method (Google)
[Login] with a browser with which you have logged in to G Suite.
c. Single Sign-on method (SAML)
[Login] with a browser with which you have logged in to SAML.

R3081 Collection From Other Sources

R3082 Sharing with user’s concent

  • [Login] button will be displayed as many as login methods that are configured by the “System Administrator” of your company.
  • The same user can log in simultaneously from three different browsers (computers / smartphones.)
  • When you try to login from fourth browser, browser on which the last access is the earliest will be forcibly logged out
  • If it was no operation more than 30 minutes, you might be forcibly logout (session timeout).
  • Timeout due to non-operation will not occur while viewing the [Open Chat] (former Task Feed) or [My Tasks] (or Modeling).
  • If you turn on Auto Login, you will be able to move directly to the “screen after Logging in” (7 days)
    (If you are using Public Computer, do not use Auto Login, or at least be sure to log out.)