Last updated Nov 10, 2015

Starting New Issue

When you are going to flow a new Issue onto the Workflow (Business Process), choose a suitable "Process Model" (Business Process Definition listed in [Start] menu. For example, if you want to register English-Japanese translation issue, choose the 'Translating flow'. When you finish inputting required items into displayed form, internal processing along the business process definition will start.

1. Browsing the Workflow
Click on Start to show the list of “Process Models”
2. Checking the Flow and Rules
Click on Detail to see the Flow Diagram and the Work Manual.
  • Only the “Process Models” which you can [Start] will be shown. (Depending on your belonging section or Role)

1. Listing the Workflows
Click on the Start button to show the Operating screen, and input required items.
2. Registering information on the Issue
Click on the Start button to open input screen, then input the required items.
  • When you finish registering new issue, it will proceed to the next Step according to the Business process Definition (process Model).

a. Modifying Data
To forcibly edit Issue data, click on Edit Data button on the Detail Screen.
b. Aborting
To forcibly Stop the Issue, click on the Terminate button on the detail screen.
c. Deleting Completely
To erase progression records and data of the issue, click on the Delete button. (UNRESTORABLE!)

R3020 Privilege of Process Model Authorization

  • You must have “control authorization” to control the Issue in progress.
  • Person who Started can “Control” until the Issue arrives to the handling Step of other people.
  • Once all the Steps on the Issue has finished, data cannot be modified (a) with any authorization. (for secure preservation of the Trail)