Last updated Nov 27, 2017

Starting with Past Data

Newly Start using replicated data of the past issues is more efficient in the cases such as, report or request with similar information input on a regular basis, or, orders report with the customer attribute information update. By using [Start a new Process with these data] which is indicated on the detail screen of the completed issue of the past, you can register (newly Start) a new issue which data have already been replicated.

1. Repeating
Doing Expense Report (or Leave Request) which is very similar to what has been filed in the past.
2. Redoing (substitution)
Removing projects in progress after having replicated data, because errors have been found in the application contents.
3. Redoing (retry)
Retrying with the same data because an error came out in external system connection or email transmission.
4. Using the know-how (selection)
Reporting the event of a failure, with brushed up Failure Report Statements of the same type failure that has happened in the past.
5. Using the know-how (standardizing)
Brushing up the customer notification statement at the time of delivery through practical work.

a. Displaying the Issues which User-self has been concerned with
Click on the Detail button on the Issue in the Started Issues List or Handled Issues History List.
b. Displaying the Issues which the User have Data Viewer Authorization
Click on the Detail button on the Issue that shown as the search result of in period or keywords.
  • Data Viewer Authorization is required to display the List and the Detail button.
  • The Issues that you were concerned with will be displayed, even though you do not have Data Viewer Authorization on the Business Process Issue.
    (In the Issue’s Detail screen, you can view data at a level that you could view when handling it.)
  • Issues that you didn’t undertake eventually will not be displayed even though they have been displayed during Waiting to be Undertaken.

R3020 Privilege of Process Model Authorization

1. Start a New Process Using These Data
Click on the Start a New Process Using These Data button, to create a new Issue which each data have copied (replicated).
  • If you are not in position to flow a new Issue to Workflow (Business Process, the button is not click-able.)
  • If there is more than one Starting point on the workflow, specify the Starting point (the First Task) before copying.
  • Replication range will be different depending on the data viewing level of who replicates.
  • Replication range will be different depending on the input screen (Items that are available).
  • Discussion type data is not the object of copying.

1. Correcting if Necessary
Edit the copied data as necessary, and register it as a new Issue.
  • String of “(copy)” will be automatically given to the title.
  • “Initial Value” that are set to Data items by the Business Process Definition will be overwritten by data assignment.
    (However, the Initial Value will not be overwritten when the copy source is “you cannot view”, “state of blank” (null state).)