Last updated Jan 26, 2017

Jobs in My Tasks

The Issues you have to handle will be listed in [My Tasks]. By entering required items, it will not be indicated in your [My Tasks]. (The Issue goes to the next Step.) See the Issue Detail before you start Handling, if you wanted to see which step in the entire Workflow your Handling was corresponding to.

1. Issue ID (Process ID)
Indication of number assigned uniquely to the Issues throughout the entire system (Your Workflow platform ID) (e.g.:’123′)
2. Step Name (Task Name)
Indication of current Step of the Issue (the Step which you handle) (e.g.: ‘Approval’, ‘Reviewing’)
3. Person who Started (Process Start User)
Indication of the person who has Started the Issue (e.g.: ‘Smith’, ‘Brown’)
4. Date and Time of the Issue has Started (Process Start Time)
Indication of the Date and Time when the Issue was created by ‘Newly Start’ or by ‘Auto Start’
5. Date and Time when the Issue has Come in (Offer Time)
Indication of the Date and Time when the Issue has arrived to your Step to handle (It is not the time that you have undertaken the Issue)
6. Deadline of Handling
Indication of the Date and Time of the deadline to your Step to handle (Indicated in red when exceeded)
  • All the Issues that you have undertaken and that are assigned to you will be shown in My Tasks
  • Arrange it as you like to make easy for you to browse data items which you are focusing daily
  • It is also possible to change the display order of data in the horizontal direction. (Drag & Drop the column header)
  • Column of ‘Process Start User’ may be blank such as a case that Started automatically in the state of “Waiting to be undertaken
  • To restore the default state the indication settings, please delete the Cookie information of browser

a. By Category
Grouping the Issues by “Business Process Definition type” (e.g.:”Management type Business flow”)
b. By Business Flow
Grouping the Issues by “Business Process Definition” (e.g.:”Expense Report”, “Translation”)
c. By Step Name
Grouping the Issues by the name of the Steps such as ‘Approve’ or ‘Translate’
d. By the Person who Started
Grouping the Issues by ‘the Person who Started’, regardless of the business
  • Arrange the grouping method to fit you by the actual number of the Issues you are handling, etc.
  • It is also possible to collapse to hide a specific group (Accordion function)

1. Sort
To sort the Issues, click on the Data Item name (Column header) (Ascending order)
  • It is also possible to sort by ‘Star’ that you have given

1. Input form
Click on the ‘Operate Task‘ button to display the input form, enter necessary data then click on ‘Finish‘ button at the bottom
  • The name on the button at the bottom and the number of it varies depending on the Steps
  • The input data in halfway will be saved when you ‘quit and save‘ (Alert does not appear even if required item is not entered)